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Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, over worked, over weight, overly stressed or in pain? Feeling personally or professionally unfulfilled? Perhaps you have tried to meditate, heard about The Law of Attraction, but just cannot seem to ‘attract’ what you are wanting.  Or maybe you are not even sure what you want, you just know there has to be more to life than what you are currently experiencing.

Research shows that 85-90% of all dis-eases are stress related.  When we are in a constant state of stress our relationships suffer, our physical, mental and emotional health is compromised. We are less productive, less creative, less aware and alive.

In today’s fast paced world, as we are constantly bombarded with information, external noise and communication; it is hard to remember how to relax, to simply let go and create the space to just ‘be’.  To efficiently and effectively, come into resonance with higher awareness, potential and possibility.

The purpose of So Sound® is to provide environments that quickly and easily ‘re-mind’ you how to deeply relax, listen with your whole body, and tune into higher vibrations of health and harmony.  To help you truly let go, and allow yourself be guided toward a deeper sense of inner peace and alignment physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.

So Sound Adjustable Lounger

So Sound® Adjustable Lounger

So Sound Wave Lounger

So Sound® Wave Lounger

So Sound Breath Lounger

So Sound® Breath Lounger


“The So Sound® Lounger offers the opportunity for truly profound personal experiences that support our vision in serving as a resource for health, fitness and well-being to our guests and members.  It is  part of my personal wellness practice and I’d encourage anyone to experience it as well.” 

Jim Root

Spa Director and Former Chairman, Glen Ivy & ISPA (International Spa Association)

“Both the So Sound® Lounger and music are very therapeutic and relaxing. I have been studying quantum physics and how it applies to the emerging disciplines of quantum biology and quantum medicine for over six years. An important element is the application of specific frequencies of light and sound (including vibrations) to both energize and heal the body at the cellular and mitochondrial level. The So Sound® Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) should definitely be considered as an alternative approach to address PTSD and other conditions that are resistant to more traditional treatments (e.g. drugs and psychological therapies). I highly recommend and endorse these So Sound® products for health and wellness.”

Randall W. Chapman

Colonel, USAF (retired)

“Wow, what an amazing experience! Very relaxing yet energizing all at once. Felt very healing, Chakra balancing, etc. Also I had a cold at the time of the So Sound® experience and this seemed to stimulate a deeper healing process. It was the first time I could breathe in days.”

Stacey Smith

Program Participant, The Monroe Institute

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