Have you ever snuggled in with a purring cat, and found that you instantly felt more relaxed? Well, research is now proving that the cat purr not only calms and soothes the mental and emotional bodies; reducing stress, the risk of heart disease, strokes, migraine headaches, and more.  But also supports healthy bones and increase flexibility!

The vibration of a cat’s purr, according to on going studies, can speed up the healing process not only for cats, and other animals, but humans as well.  For example, Dr. Clinton Rubin conducted several studies in partnership with NASA to explore how to support astronauts suffering from significant loss of bone density, and advanced stages of osteoporosis, after returning from space travel.  There is more and research coming out every day, affirming that sound frequencies of 20-50 Hz can not only increase bone density in chickens, rabbits and other animals; but also help speed up bone regeneraton and/or the healing of broken bones within human beings. (Von Muggenthaler, 2001, Chen, Han, & Yang, 1994).

Some other studies found that the “Cat purr frequency” can help with

  • Sports injury
  • Provide pain relief for chronic and acute pain
  • Speed up the recovery process
  • Prevent decrease in muscle strength and mass.

Read more at Suite101: Purring Helps with Healing: Cat Purr Frequency Increases Bone Density & Speeds Injury Recovery | Suite101.com http://suite101.com/article/purring-helps-with-healing- a58330#ixzz1xdYTDI1r

This makes sense when you consider how flexible and agile cats are physically.  I remember when I was a kid watching my brother holding our cat by it’s feet upside down, less than a foot off the floor, and then letting go; only to demonstrate how quickly the cat could flip right onto it’s feet, over and over again.  There are many things we can learn from observing animals and nature!  While we as human beings, may have more advanced brains…… in many ways we become ignor-ant to some basic universal laws.  Like the Law of Resonance!

Perhaps if we make time to really tune into the natural laws of Resonance, we too will become more agile, response-able and re-mind ourselves how to enjoy a simple purr now and then!




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