The Grand Experiment

by Barry Oser | So Sound Solutions

The Grand Experiment

In today’s podcast with Barry Oser, So Sound’s Co Founder, we learn about his musical journey and how his desire to heal eventually led to the incredible technology we enjoy today! Barry experienced extreme stress early in his career to the point where he suffered from T.M.J. (temporomandibular joint) disorder. He discovered that by using acoustic resonance therapy (ART) or by pushing healing sound throughout the body that it helped with anxiety, stress and medical issues. He was always experimenting and at one point was ripping apart waterbeds, utilizing trampolines, and creating domes to finally achieve So Sound Solutions technology. In order to heal others we must first heal ourselves. Barry has over 30 years of musical education, science and data collection that he affectionately deems “The Grand Experiment.” We’re so grateful that he never gave up on his pursuit to find a way to deliver effective sound healing techniques to us all.

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