The Dance of Connection

by Suzannah Long | So Sound Long

The Dance of Connection

In today’s installment of So Sound Matters we are joined by Suzannah Long, the company’s co-founder and CEO. Our conversation today runs the gamete.  We dive deep about the powerful energy created through listening, the dance of emotion and how acoustic resonance truly has the power to heal.

Suzannah expands upon the law of resonance: everything you attract into your life is based precisely on the resonance or frequency of the energy that you are projecting. Perhaps a bully showed up in your life because you weren’t standing in your power. Perhaps your back is hurting as you aren’t feeling fully supported. What are you inadvertently attracting into your life? Is your body in balance and harmony?

Dis-ease is the physical manifestation of an energy that is not in balance. This will show up in relationship, with yourself, with your body and with others. The So Sound Solutions technology allows us to tap back to our innate intelligence and create the balance and harmony that our body craves. The lounger is extremely useful for those of us who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) who have trouble tuning into the body because the nervous system has been disrupted.

So Sound’s mission is to create deep relaxation in a conscious state. In this realm, you can start to re-train the brain to operate the body at a higher octave. So Sound wishes to help the body to return to it’s natural state of love.

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