As we move into this season of Thanksgiving, I want to give sincere thanks to you, our So Sound team of supporters, strategic partners, affiliates and customers for resonating with and appreciating the higher mission and purpose of So Sound. Be it through manufacturing, promoting, buying, sharing and enjoying our products and programs offerings, or simply tuning in and resonating with higher vibes of love, compassion and appreciation for the healing touch of sound and music.

As the saying goes, it takes a team to Make It So! And So it is here that we are most thankful for this opportunity to amplify our ability to continue to learn, grow and share higher and higher octaves of potential on this amazing planet Earth during this very interesting time.

There is no question it has been quite a challenging year with having to witness many devastating experiences such as hurricanes, fires, shootings, and so much more. The blessing is that it is in these challenging times that we are ‘re-minded’ to be thankful for our ability to choose to resonate with love, compassion and experience a deeper appreciation for life and one another as unique individual parts of the whole! To realize that what we are individually and collectively resonating, does in fact, matter.

Thoughts create things. Actions and our way of being does speak louder than words. Similar to a rose in a garden, it is through being respectful of and mindful to our own little “black spots” or “inner-fear-ances” individually, always being reflected back to us through our relationships, energetically, that enables us to let go of the past, appreciate ourselves, and one another – flaws and all – in order to become more fully present and harmoniously resonating with love, compassion and appreciation for life…the animals, earth, sky and beyond!

Energy follows awareness and becoming more and more aware and thankful for these little and sometimes not so little “re-minders” that allow us to see where we are individually and collectively “inner-fearing” so that we can choose higher and more harmonious vibes is part of the divine plan, from our point of view. We can all experience heaven on earth and appreciate life as an everlasting blooming garden, if we choose to do So!

As above, So Below… So Be it and So it shall Be!

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