This is both a challenging yet highly potent opportunity to evolve our human consciousness here on planet Earth. We cannot keep doing things the way we have been and expect different results.  We hope that many will begin to really comprehend that this is not business as usual or life as usual. It is a critical time of choice.  Perhaps this is truly an opportunity to manifest a more Heavenly experience on Earth. A time to truly embrace, embody and/or realize new ways of being, sharing and resonating more fully with your inner Spirit, your inner light, and appreciate your relationship with life in all forms.

What if, when Jesus said “You shall do this and more” and “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”…..this is what he was bringing light to? Please forgive us if this offends anyone’s religious beliefs, that is not our intention. Just using this as one example that comes to mind. Obviously, this is a very significant time in history. So, perhaps now more than ever before is a time for us to choose are we going to evolve or not? As more light is aligning with the planet anything and everything that is not in resonance or harmony with these higher octaves of light have to be integrated or released. The earth will ascend or evolve with or without us.  And ascension or evolution does not necessarily mean that you need to leave your physical form/body behind at this point in time.  We believe this is a very, very rare and unique opportunity to fully embody or resonate with higher vibes, or octaves of awareness more than ever before.  To become highly conscious and aligned on multiple octaves while still enjoying being in physical form.  We hope that makes sense? We welcome your thoughts, questions, concerns, and will be happy to expand upon this more if/when helpful.  So please reach out if/when inspired to.  Meanwhile, I will just share a bit more…

Recently, I was “re-minded” that every time we point a finger at another there are three back at us, and more often than not a thumb pointing upward, as if we are pulling down the trigger of a gun. I then got to thinking and feeling, what if that trigger and the energy coming through could all be love!  What if we are individually and collectively being asked not to kill one another with judgment, fear, jealousy, hate, greed, competitive energy, and certainly not with guns and physical violence (all of which, by the way, manifests from feelings of fear, insecurity, lack, and separation); But rather choose to embrace and resonate with love, compassion, higher understanding and appreciation for this amazing Earth and all that Mother Nature has to share with us unconditionally and abundantly!

Truly, I mean really appreciating, embodying and/or realizing that “as we do unto others, we do unto ourselves”.  But not instead of ourselves! 🙂 Because through the breath we are all connected. Through the wholeness or Holiness of Spirit, we are all connected.  What we breathe out, we also breathe in.  It is all connected, co-mingled, so to speak.  This time of “quarantine” is  perhaps one of the most opportune times to become centered within ourselves; which is quite different than being self-centered.

In other words, we do need to find our own way of Feeling So Sound Inside. Our own way of becoming; So peaceful, So Inspired, So Authentic, So divinely and powerfully aligned that no-thing can “inner-fear” with us or through us! Only support us in clearing out and/or integrating any “matter that is with us” that no longer serves us as part of becoming more authentic. Each relationship we encounter is simply a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. A reflection! A way of “re-minding” us of what we are resonating with, consciously or not!:) So that we can then make new choices and integrate those pieces and parts within us that are not as aligned or that are manifesting out of feelings of not being good enough, worthy enough, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, handsome enough and on and on.

What if we all just need to continue to fine-tune our Body/Mind and Spirit like a musical instrument to enjoy and share more abundantly with the understanding that we are enough and there is enough for all as we simply love and appreciate ourselves, one another, mother nature, the journey, and the destination.  If there even is such a thing as a destination!:)

I have to be fully honest, after watching the link below, I moved into a deep space of anger, fear, deep despair, and concern. I have had many dreams and insights about this for over 20 years and yet continue to seek deeper clarity around what I could personally do to shift it.

It is actually why I walked away from my highly successful software sales career making a high 6 figure income to teach Pilates, movement classes, offer Reiki, my sound healing work, and co-create So Sound.  And yet I know there is still so much more to do, be and share.  So, I personally am appreciating all this time alone to work through more of my own ****!  And you know, in doing so, shift happens! 🙂

May God bless the amazing work this woman is doing to support expanded awareness, shared in the link below. And may God bless all that are perhaps amplifying for us (consciously or not) this opportunity to more fully understand where, how, and why we are not honoring our neighbors ourselves, Mother Nature and all of life as unique important parts of the whole!  I sincerely hope as many as possible will choose to make some significant changes in how they are being and relating before things become even more challenging in this 3D reality. We all have free will choice. Together, we can make some Shift Happen!:)  It is all about resonance and vibes. As we individually and collectively resonate more fully with love, compassion, and appreciation; we naturally amplify the quantum energy field with those frequencies.

So please do watch this and listen deeply to what she is saying.  Please do your own research and realize that each and every day we choose with our thoughts, our beliefs, our dollars, our habits, and our actions and our non-actions! There is plenty of food to share, true wealth and abundance to enjoy and share as we do decide to make changes that honor the earth, one another and all living and breathing things.

Okay, so now please take a deep breath! Obviously this information is not easy to hear but is important to be aware of so that we can make decisions not from a place of fear or limitation; but rather from a place of wisdom, empowerment, and clarity.

We simply hope that many will choose to use this opportunity in time to move into a deeper compassion for yourself as a human being with very real fears as well as others on this physical earth plane while knowing in Spirit you are so much more. We can make shift happen as powerful, harmonic intelligent, divinely aligned co-creators! You can choose to move into deeper awareness, joy, love, and appreciation for your own unique, important and authentic gifts!  Please remember that when we are doing what we love, what is being inspired through our hearts, and sharing it; we are serving the whole, one another, naturally!  As we tune more fully into our hearts and allow ourselves to become inspired with new ideas, we can make shift happen. We each “matter” more than we often realize. What we each resonate with consciously or not “matters”! Quantum physics now proves what so many of the ancient spiritual teachers and masters intuitively understood.  When you are feeling fear, anger, etc; Love the hell out of it!  In other words, do not ignore it, push it down or aside. Lean into it with love and compassion and choose to integrate any and all those “inner-fear-ances” and then simply notice what new inspirations shine through to help guide you on how, what, when and where you can best support yourself and others in making this shift.  Allow yourself to imagine, sense and feel into that space inside where endless possibilities reside. Know that you are in truth an eternal being in the school we call life here on earth right now and there truly is “nothing to fear but fear itself”. It is actually quite simple but does not always appear to be so easy. But like other skills in life, it just takes a little practice.

You can start by just naming things you appreciate and love. Recall what brings you joy. Recall what makes you laugh. Put on some music you like and relax, dance, sing, breath… tune into those feelings and allow your imagination to soar.

Now is an amazing time for us all to realize new possibilities  So, please choose love, not fear and trust that God and the angels are always near no matter what, unconditionally!  All you need to do is ask.  They cannot help you unless you ask for their guidance and their support.  This is a universal law.  So invite your ego to step to the side, to surrender, listen, learn and align with the divine and/or your higher self.

“And when you find yourself in times of trouble”; invite Mother Mary, Jesus, Moses, Buddha, any and all other divine masters and beings of light and love to come to be with you. To resonate with you, inspire you and uplift you! I personally do not think “they” care what you call them, him, her or it.  I personally feel “they” just want to be of service to human kindness and support Peace, Love and a more Heavenly experience here the earth for all that choose to enjoy, appreciate all and share abundantly!

As some of you know and have already heard years ago this song was inspired through Barry and I.  We hope you find it supportive and uplifting!  🙂

Blessings and Be well,
The So Sound Team


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