Healthcare Testimonials
  • “For the first time since the war in Vietnam I felt no pain. It was as if the So Sound® Lounger helped me move beyond my pain. And the more I use it, the easier it is for me to recall that feeling in my body when I do feel the pain. Remembering that feeling helps reduce my anxiety as well as the pain.” Tommy Pruitt, Vietnam Veteran, Colorado Springs, CO
  • “I spoke to my friend Dr. Renee Ostertag, who has So Sound® ART in her table at her office. She explained that it is the lifesaver for many of her clients in acute pain. Where other therapies are completely intolerable for these clients, the sound healing creates great, measurable results! I am so excited to learn more and help you get out there in a big way!” Meghan Conter
  • “The So Sound® ART experience perfectly promotes the state of ‘relaxed alertness’ which makes all other mental functioning operate at peak efficiency.  A side benefit we have also noticed is after several sessions, most people show a great deal more mental flexibility and emotional stability.  This state assists people in facing the constantly changing environment with more confidence.” Robert Dallas, Ph. D.   The Dallas Center
  • “The use of the So Sound® ART has proved to be tremendously successful in my Pilates studio.  People are more centered, relaxed, breathing more fully and are naturally able to ‘tune-in’ more fully to their body for enhanced performance.”   Marie-Jose Lawrence, Founder LA Body Kinetics
  • “As an expert in using sound frequency stimulation both in a clinical and a research capacity, I was greatly impressed with the technical and design aspects of your therapeutic So Sound® Lounger design. I found a number of elements of your So Sound® Lounger design both originally creative and impressive in a clinical sense.” Jeffery Thompson, Founder, Center for Neuroacoustic Research
  • “This is a natural for the growing Medical Spa market. Many of the treatments are a bit painful and require people to sit or lye there for long periods of time. The So Sound® Lounger and treatments tables with So Sound® ART will be a key component in the development of our new spas.” Francis Acunzo, Founder Acara Partners, Inc.
  • “Patients are more relaxed and are resting better.  Hospital environments can be quite noisy, and the So Sound® MedBed provides a personal musical sanctuary for patients to “escape” into, thus buffering them from all the activity around them.”   John Sackett, CEO, Avista Hospital
Corporate Wellness and Personal Development Testimonials
  • “Our use of the So Sound® Lounger is wildly successful with our software engineers.  Not only are they enjoying a deep level of camaraderie, partially due to the relaxation effect of the chair, but they also scored significantly higher on their post-test creative-thinking SOI’s.” Sharon Richardson, Human Resources Manager, Cisco System
  • “The musical vibrations emanating from the chair were soothing, not jarring or shocking like mechanical vibrations can be. Throughout the session the vibration of the music, helped keep me present and calm yet energized. Variations occurred-
    • Lower notes-deeper, more dramatic vibration but not more penetrating
    • Higher notes-especially the tinkling glass like sounds had the most exquisite effects. These traveled best through my body. The vibration had its greatest effect on the soft tissue about 1 inch in, touched the under side of the bones.”   Felt very healing & Fun!!!”
  • “The sonic massage experience was profound on many levels––particularly the kinesthetic which in turn affected the non-physical, i.e., cognitive-emotional. The movement of energy in patterns of swirls, ripples and streams up, down and around the body was deeply moving from the gross physical to the quantity (obviously!) and beyond. It felt so healing.” I’ve never experienced anything like it and would certainly wish to have another run on the magic chair to be bathed in sound and resonated/played like a musical instrument”.
  • “Overall a very pleasant, relaxing yet energizing experience. Would be great for healing as well, chakra balancing, etc. Also I had a cold at the time of the sound chair experience and this seemed to stimulate a deeper healing process. It was the first time I could breathe in days. Thanks.”
  • “I found the sound chair to be bliss inducing. It was a wonderful experience to feel music all through me and helped me to to follow my inner guidance, and discern certain feelings more fully. At one point, fairly early on, I felt guided to move to state an intention for this experience. As I did this, the music corresponded giving me a sense of a lift. I kept getting the feeling that this chair could be useful for healing somehow. It was a truly wonderful experience.”
  • “After a week and at the end of the Gateway experience sitting on the sound chair is just the next perfect place to be. I was able to “see” sound. Waves of beautiful colors while gently being massaged is really a magnificent place to be.”
  • “My experience was rather phenomenal. At first I was very aware of the chair mechanics in terms of basic vibration and the music felt “pretty”. However as this progressed, the music and vibration coalesced and gradually felt like one and the same. Simultaneously, this is what I experienced, physically and spiritually. The imagery that emerged was one of healing, with divine energy repeatedly traveling through my body, and massages directed to my bones visiting all the major bones. Further beautiful imagery allowed me to be multi dimensional simultaneously and floating and flying the whole time. The experience, in total, was one of love, play, oneness, infinity, and healing. Many thanks!”
  • “I had a wonderful time in this musical instrument. First of all, the zero gravity position of the chair while in back most position, gives a feeling of floating right at the minute. It is really easy to breathe in that way. The vibration that I experienced was like, at the first time: I am like a sponge and absorbing every single wave of the sound. And later: I had a sensation that I am only a translucent net of molecules and waves are just passing through me. It was like a message from the universe that I am only “void”, and the human experience is only another energy level. Probably I went unnoticed to Focus 15 because the whole 47 minutes felt like 10 minutes but not more. It is a wonderful feeling to sit in that chair. Thank you for the opportunity, I am very grateful for this experience.”
  • “Went from a very pleasant full sound experience, building to becoming one with the music. No longer were my ears an isolated listening instrument, my entire being became the waves of sound. Thanks.”
Autism Testimonials
  • “The So Sound® Bed that we have received for [our son] AJ has been the best piece of equipment we have EVER received.  From birth, sleeping [problems] have been a primary issue.  He is now nine, and for the first time in his life, he sleeps all night.  This product is wonderful for children like AJ.  His diagnoses include Microcephaly, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, and Sensory Integration Issues.  Prior to the SO Sound® Bed, it took hours to get him to sleep.  Then, once he went to sleep….he did not stay asleep.  Thanks to your [bed] we have at least a 75% chance of all of us getting a good night’s sleep at the McHaney House!”
  • “First, must say that we are all truly enjoying our So Sound® Lounger. I shared a copy of the info sheet with Davis’s doctor (nutrition, allergy, metabolism, immunology) who is helping Davis (who suffers from Autistic disorders) a great deal with ridding toxins and getting his system balanced. He feels that what you are doing is very helpful. I tell everyone I can about the lounger and all visitors to our house get a demo, of course! Carey and I have a request of sorts. As you my recall he suffers from diabetes and He is having some trouble with circulation in his arms and legs. He feels better after using the lounger but has no regular time of the day that he can use it without the boys climbing around and on top unless it is after they go down at night. He has gotten in the habit of lying down alongside Davis on his So Sound® twin bed, if you can picture that, and numerous mornings that is where I find him. (We’ve started keeping it on all night). I have to admit if I lie down in there I’m out for at least a couple hours despite the cramped position and, as in the lounger, I wake up feeling great. Carson can also be a pretty restless sleeper. He actually takes naps on Davis’ bed sometimes. I think he’d sleep better through the night if he had the same set up you gave us for Davis. Could we have you develop a bed for us and for Carson’s crib, like you did for Davis?”
  • “Thank you so much for the new bed for my son Tom, who has Aspergers which is high functioning autism. Tom is 11 and the most difficult part of his condition is his inability to sooth himself to fall asleep. This has disrupted my home and I have been sleep deprived for over 8 years. Tom could never fall asleep on his own and did not want to be the only one awake, so he would come into my room and literally NOT ALLOW me to fall asleep until he was asleep. For many years we played musical beds in our home, trying to help him to fall asleep and stay asleep. I have tried every trick in the book, along with medications, but to no avail. Finally I just resigned myself to only going to sleep after he feel asleep which took 3 hours every night. Because of his new bed, now I have the luxury of falling asleep when I actually go to bed, instead of trying to sooth him. Tom loves his bed and the vibration and the music lull him during the time that normally I would have to spend with him in order to fall asleep. Once he is totally soothed and ready to fall asleep he actually turns the music off to go to sleep. What a joy!”
  • “I just wanted to tell you again how overjoyed I am with music bed. As you know, my son Tom has Asbergers and has not been able to fall asleep or stay asleep on his own for years. This has disrupted our home beyond imagination. After you sent us the music bed, Tom selected his own music and was able to lay in bed and stay in bed while falling asleep. Now I have downloaded the music that came with the bed and- WOW- now he falls asleep while listening to the music and stays in bed the entire night. I no longer have to go into his room at all nor does he get up to wake others up. He actually falls asleep at a normal hour and stays asleep.  This is truly a miracle. I am no longer going to call it the music bed, rather the miracle bed. Sleep deprivation is a huge issue in the Autism community. My son requires very little sleep, yet has always kept me and other family members awake, because he did not want to be the only one awake. This is a common scene with a household with a child of Autism- the parents are sleep deprived because of the autistic child, yet the child is not sleep deprived because they just don’t need much sleep. This bed has made it so that for the first time we ALL are getting sleep.”
  • “Good morning, I’m not totally with it yet, but I wanted to give you some feedback since we now have the bed up and running.  My husband and I are stunned by what your bed can produce, the vibrations with the music together is classic.  We have used it a couple of times and Cade likes it, he sat quietly with a smile for a minute and then laid his head on his pillow and said, “nye, nite.”  We are not going to use it as his permanent bed right now, he is only two and transition is difficult, so we are going to make it as one of our calming techniques and transition to it over some time.  I already see this bed being a plus to our chaotic life, I will keep in touch and let you know more as we begin to use it more.  The one thing I see that could have made it better is having a projector that doesn’t burn out with it.  I’m kinda kidding, but Cade sleeps every night with the soothing sounds that are connected to a projector that plays scenes, that goes all night long, but this projector burns out after a couple of months, so we keep buying new ones.(lights/music/alll night.. augh)  The things we do.. I commend you on what you are doing and thank you from the bottom of my heart, there is always another hill to climb and your bed will help us on our climb.”
  • “I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to try these beds for my twin daughters. As you know, both my daughters have a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. They also suffer from motor tics, or involuntary movements. This is a neurological disorder that effects the central nervous system in many ways, including the inability to fall into a sleep pattern conducive to a restful nights sleep. For many years we have struggled with the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Without medication, the girls would wake many times during the night, get up and wander and be unable to get back to sleep again. This resulted in a very sleep deprived family. This not unusual for individuals in the Autistic spectrum. I have always looked for a way to calm down their racing nervous system and motor tics. This bed has been wonderful for that. The So Chord CD is very calming. They plug the ipod into the bed and are able to feel the vibration of the sound, as well as listen to it through headphones. They love it! It is very calming and peaceful and they fall into a more restful sleep. And they stay asleep. After a busy day, just lying on the bed with the CD and vibration settles them down and I see a reduction in motor tics and anxiety. For our family this has made a huge positive difference. I would highly reccommend this bed for therapeutic purposes. Thank you again for the opportunity to try these beds and see my daughters enjoy the peace that comes from using it.”
  • “So we had Jimmy use the So Sound bed last night. I downloaded some album from iTunes called “The Ten Most Relaxing Classical Songs of all Time.” We started with two upbeat songs, to get him used to the feeling. Then I tucked him in with his stuffed animals and played the calm, classical music. He literally fell asleep with a huge smile on his face. This child usually wakes up as grouchy as a bear – it’s almost comical. But this morning, he came bounding down to the kitchen at 730 am and said “that was the first night I slept 8 hours in a row!!!” He hugged us both! So to say the bed is a success is an understatement!!! Tonight he asked me to download ocean/whale sounds…his favorite topic. So we’ll see how that goes. All in all – a MAJOR SUCCESS for us! Probably the first night he didn’t cause a fuss at bedtime OR end up in our bed at 3 am. (no exaggeration). Have a feeling we will be ordering more, or at least our friends will! We’ve had so many people hop on and try it out! I think you know from some experience that getting a huge smile from a child on the spectrum just melts our hearts!!! We are thrilled and will certainly let you know what the rest of the family thinks!”
  • “I will try to keep this short, but we are just so thrilled with the bed!! Jimmy had a huge smile as he tried it out. Keep in mind that his huge smile is unfortunately very rare! He is a very serious, anxious child…usually has a frown on his face and even growls sometimes! So take that smile for what it’s worth – a lot! Now onto Jimmy’s quote…So he comes down the first morning after trying out the bed. First words out of his mouth, totally unprovoked: “I haven’t slept that many hours in a row in my whole life!” So funny what kids will say… We absolutely love the bed, and it has been wonderful for Jimmy. It’s like his whole attitude and personality have changed, and I guess a good night’s sleep will do that! The cool thing is that Jimmy likes the feeling of the music, and just listening to it through the mattress. But my other son, Sean, puts on the headphones and falls asleep to the music in the bed right next to him. This way they don’t fool around or talk, they go right to sleep! So both boys are happy! (Joe, the oldest, is NOT happy b/c he hasn’t had a trial run yet!) We cannot thank you enough …it is overwhelming to us.”



Resort and Spa Testimonials
  • “Our clients absolutely LOVE the So Sound Solutions Legato loungers. They are so luxurious. The vibration of the music throughout the chair takes relaxation in our salt therapy rooms to the next level! These chairs provide the ultimate relaxation experience for our clients; enabling them to unplug and unwind. Many clients have stated that they sleep better at night. The proof is in the calm radiance we witness after each session. Total rejuvenation!” Lori Meyer, Owner (The Sauna Haus)
  • “I learned of the So Sound® Lounger about two years ago, and have been waiting for the right time and setting to fully incorporate it into our offerings.  That time is now.  The So Sound® Lounger offers the opportunity for truly profound personal experiences that support our vision in serving as a resource for health, fitness and well-being to our guests and members.  The So Sound® Lounger also serves as part of my personal wellness practice and I’d encourage anyone to experience it as well.” Jim Root, Chairman, ISPA (International Spa Association)
  • “All of us at the Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch are very excited about the investment we made in our So Sound® Loungers.  People truly love the experience.  We have definitely accomplished our goal of creating a very unique and extra special environment for our guests to fully relax and rejuvenate.” Keri Morales, Spa Director, Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch
  • I’ve been using the So Sound Retrofit kit on my main massage table for 5 years. I can’t imagine doing any body work or therapy without it. My clients and I love the feel and subtle sound it creates as well as the feeling of well-being. I have an hour to positively impact my client so getting to a relaxed state quickly is so important and achieved with the So Sound system. I use the table myself when I can to meditate, relax my body, stretch, re-center, and just get a break! I loved how it works with my approach to trauma recovery so much, I got two more systems for my clinic. I’ve encouraged other therapists to get the So Sound System and suggest it to clients from Military Veterans to those recovering from auto accidents. My next endeavor will be to invest in my bed at home. I can’t say enough about it. I’m grateful for the technology, the therapeutic benefits, and the pure comfort and soothing nature of So Sound Solutions. Rena Hicks LPTA, LMT, ReBalance Center
  • “It normally takes my clients about 20 minutes to begin to relax and let go in order to receive the full benefits of a massage.  With the So Sound® ART within my treatment table, this happens within the first 3 to 5 minutes, which enables me to provide a much deeper experience for my clients and is substantially less stressful and tacking on me, as a therapist” Shara Thome, Director San Gabriel Spa
  • “The So Sound® Lounger helped our general manager release a three-day migraine headache!  I have just been promoted to work with all the our locations to design and develop new programs.  I am planning on developing special ‘Sound Healing Sanctuary’ rooms with the So Sound® Lounger in several of our new locations.  It will be great as a special self-service treatment as well. In addition, I’m planning to add pre- and post-treatment use in coordination with our more traditional therapies.” Maggy Dunphy, Director of Spa Services, Destination Hotels & Resort.
  • “We truly believe this is helping our guests reach a state of relaxation (and maybe even inner reflection and healing) that would be very hard to reach with just touch therapy alone. To say I’m excited about this doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I think we are fundamentally changing the concept of spa!” Ella Stimpson, Spa Director, The Broadmoor
  • “Today, the widely emerging field of sound and music therapy continues to grow out of ancient perspectives…with a lot of scientific study confirming its powerful effects.” Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.
  • According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, cell researcher, “the cells in our bodies are 100 times more sensitive to electromagnetic information than to chemical information. Therefore products that support natural cellular resonance frequencies are now the leading edge for health and wellness.”
  • “Educating individuals on ways to address their need to improve their whole body/mind health from a core vibrational perspective is key.” Richard Gerber, M.D.

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