Sound Therapy Research

giphy-croppedThe innate power of sound and music are now being rediscovered both medically and scientifically. In fact, Quantum Physicists are now proving scientifically what the ancient mystics, seers and spiritual leaders intuited for thousands of years. The nature of the cosmos is vibration! Everything in existence is vibration operating at varying frequencies, including the rhythms of the earth, the air we breathe, the various rhythms of our bodies, our brainwaves, the rhythms of hearts, our sleep rhythms, and the speed at which we think and move. The “vibes” that we resonate with consciously or not have a profound effect on how we experience life.

Similar to a piano, when one part of us is out of tune, it affects our entire body. That is why we have developed a suite of products that helps keep your body in tune using sound therapy to help relax and restore your natural health and well-being.

To learn more about the research behind our products and programs, visit our FAQ page.

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