Frequently Asked Questions

Will any music work with the So Sound® ART system?

Yes, you can use any music with the So Sound® system. However, the music you choose to play through the products does make a huge difference in the overall experience.  Recordings that are highly processed and/ condensed to save space, tend to lose their acoustic signature. Choosing high fidelity recordings will ensure higher resonance through the So Sound® products.

Please visit the So Sounds & Music  for continually updated musical/sound and meditation programs that have been developed to specifically highlight the So Sound® ART (Acoustic Resonance Technology) affect, as well as other music we have tested and recommend for the ultimate So Sound® experience. We do encourage you to also try music you already own and like to see what feels good and/or what resonates best with you!  Please note that you can also plug live instruments into the amp to play music through the products, for a music therapy type experience.

Does a MP3 format work with the So Sound® Technology?
Yes, however using higher quality sound files is recommended to maintain the accuracy and fidelity of the original audio recording.  We recommend using; WAV, AIFF,  Apple Lossless formats.
What is the difference between a speaker, a subwoofer and a So SoundHeart?

All use the same musical information to create the experience:

  • A speaker is designed to deliver music/sound through via the air (at the speed of sound in air) typically at frequency ranges between 20hz to 20,000hz.
  • The sub-woofer is also designed to deliver music via the air (at the speed of sound in air) but generally is a lower frequency audio driver that is complimentary to speakers; delivering the music/sound information at frequency ranges between 20hz to 150hz.
  • The So SoundHearts® add a totally new dimension (What we call, Whole Body Listening™) to the experience; enabling you to feel the music you simultaneously hear resonating through your body/mind like a musical massage. This is a completely different addition to an audio sound system as it is designed to deliver the musical/sound information at the speed of sound through mass versus air; thus adding a tactile resonance excitement from the music/sound.
  • Using a sub-woofer to try to create the feeling of low vibrations, would require you to turn up the volume very high. This is not healthy for the ears or for the body and mind’s autonomic nervous system.
  • Introducing So Sound® ART (Acoustic Resonance Technology) supports a deeply relaxing, sensory integration experience and/or a more comprehensive stress management experience for optimal health and wellness for the body and mind. With So Sound® ART the bandwidth (frequency range) for receiving the musical/sound information is increased. There are several other key things to be aware of in appreciating this as an augmentation to just listening to music, for example:
    • Numerous integrative medicine studies indicate that as we become more aware of the sensing and feeling state of the body and mind, simultaneously; we naturally strengthen our immune system. Energy follows awareness! This is the basis of acupuncture, Reiki, massage, cranial sacral therapy and other healing touch practices as well as somatic therapy.
    • In alignment with this is integrative medicine research around pain management and stress management, for example is “The Theory of Pain Control” initially proposed in 1965 by Melzack & Wall. This research basically demonstrates that when one gently touches the body through massage, subtle vibrations and/or acoustic resonance you stimulate the neurological communication to the brain activating a pleasure response within mind and body. This pleasure response, actually buffers the pain response and begins to en-train the body/mind back into a more balanced state of health and well being.  In other words, “reminding the body” of  it’s natural state of harmony or balance.
    • NASA & NIH research is also showing how beneficial utilizing “low-intensity, high frequency vibration” is in mitigation of bone loss, possible fat reduction, regeneration of tissues, and regulate critical stem cell processes. As the bones begin to resonate, muscles and ligaments surrounding the bones begin to relax. Stress is reduced, circulation improves, flexibility and range of motion improves.



How many Watts will the system put out?

The So Sound® ART puts out a balanced amount of watts for the So SoundHearts®.  When using 2 So SoundHearts® it using 70 watts per channel. When using 4 So SoundHearts®, it’s using 35 watts per channel. (2 x 4 ohm = 70 watts/4 x 8 ohm = 35 watts).

Can I have external Speakers attached? And/or Can I have both speakers and headphones?

Headphones and/or external speakers can be used with all of the So Sound® ART products.

Please note that we can include headphones as part of a starter package if interested. Otherwise you can expect to spend between $50 – $150 or more for a good pair of headphones. In general we suggest only using noise canceling headphones when spending a premium to get a high quality product. Here are a few suggestions:

What type of player and/or audio source can I use with So Sound® ART to provide the music or sound?

Any Apple audio device, CD players, MP3 players or Computers can be used as an audio source. Please Note: Access to a personal computer running Windows Media Player is necessary with USB 2 connection cable. Note that many MP3 players require batteries. Some are rechargeable and sometimes include a remote charger that can be plugged into a wall outlet.  Please make sure that any charger is compatible with the MP3 player you’ve chosen.

  • Connecting cable to So Sound® System – standard stereo 3.5mm (mini stereo cable male to male).
  • Wireless Audio designs are supported on customized basis.
Can I have more than one (1) So Sound® Lounger in the room?

Yes. However, please note that while all of the So Sound® ART products are designed to deliver music/sound so that you feel it. You will also hear the music/sound softly within the room. Using carpets and/or other sound buffering materials will help reduce the nature of sound reflection off the walls and/or floors.

If you are considering placing multiple So Sound® products within the same room, we would advise having all the products playing the same music, simultaneously. Please contact So Sound® Solutions for support and suggestions for enhancing or limiting the acoustic resonance and/or sound reflection within the room.

Please note that So Sound® Solutions also offers audio consulting and/or sound control services and can spec out specific sound healing room designs, and/or designs to sync music content to enhance the overall harmonic experience of multiple simultaneous user/guest treatments.

Why only 4 So SoundHearts®?
We have intentionally designed the So Sound® ART products, utilizing only 2 or 4 So Sound Hearts® in order to provide an optimal level of acoustic resonance for health and well being. In other words, our intention is to provide safe and comfortable, “Harmonically Intelligent”, sound healing experiences. We are not just trying to shake or bombard the body with high power low frequencies. When utilizing harmonic intelligence, we gently massage the body with frequency ranges that support the body and mind’s natural relaxation response for optimal health and well being. Please contact if you would like further support in designing more expansive designs. Our ultimate goal is to honor the natural intelligence of the body/mind, and not over stimulate.
Is the music in the headphones/speakers the same music that also some through the So SoundHearts®?
Yes, however we have designed the amplifier to send audio to the So SoundHearts® and the headphones/speakers separately. The headphones/speakers produce a full range audio spectrum, so the listening experience is consistent with the original source or music/sound. We have filtered the audio output to the So SoundHearts® to specifically support acoustic resonance through the bones, muscles and joints of the body/mind in alignment with what integrative medicine research is finding to be most healthy. This also helps limit the surface of the So Sound® products from becoming a speaker themselves, and/or from being too noisy.
Can I still experience the vibrations and/r resonance if I turn the volume down?
Yes. You can control the level of resonance you feel and the volume your hear, separately. Also you will notice that the more you use So Sound® (ART) Acoustic Resonance Technology the more aware and/or sensitive you will become. In other words, as you begin to release more and more tension, stress and/or body armor; you become more acutely aware of the vibrations and/or resonance moving through and around you. You are exercising your body/mind’ s kinesthetic system. This is a good thing, as it supports you in becoming more harmonically intelligent and response-able to make healthy choices about your environment and what you are resonating with more consciously! The main purpose of this is to start to help you understand the value of feeling So Sound® within yourself!  In other words, feeling more aware and therefore empowered to make choices that truly serve your health and well being… your highest good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!
I don't do yoga or meditate, why is this for me?

There is significant medical research shared by Dr. Andrew Weil and many others that  indicate that over 85% of all disease is caused by stress. In today’s modern society most of us have more or less forgotten how to relax. This is simply a tool to help you quickly, safely and easily relax and stimulate your body/mind own natural relaxation response and healing abilities.

  • Research in the growing field of vibrational medicine also indicates that standing or sitting on a vibrational platform can help mitigate bone loss, and even in some cases reverse osteoporosis. See NASA and NIH articles for more information.
  • Research also indicates that when we bring awareness to various parts of our body and mind, we naturally strengthen our immune system.  This is known as the practice of psychoneuroimmunology.
  • While using sound and music to support the natural healing process is nothing new, Quantum Physicists and researchers are now proving what ancient seers & spiritual masters of many cultures from around the universe appreciated for thousands of years. Sound and Music have a profound effect on your body and mind. Therapists in the re-emerging fields of Music, Sound and Vibro-Acoustic Therapy are finding benefits in using music to help with:
    • Pain management
    • Ward off depression
    • Relieve stress & anxiety
    • Calm patients during painful procedures
    • Increase circulation, range of motion, and movement
    • Ease muscle tension
    • Mitigate bone loss
  • Many people do not meditate because they do not understand it or have a hard time knowing how to do it. Meditation and/or Prayer is a healthy practice because among other things, it supports relaxation, clarity of mind and body for more coherent internal and external communication. It is like cleaning out the hard drive of your computer so that it runs more efficiently and effectively, in the moment.  Or cleaning out your closet so you have more space.
  • The reason the ancient masters taught the practice of meditation and/or prayer is because when we practice meditation or go into prayer; we focus our mind and body, and become more aware of our breath. We increase our alpha and theta brainwave states, and our ability to be more creative. This is often referred to as the “magic window” for shifting limited patterns of belief and awareness.
  • It is the ultimate stress management tool. When we increase our alpha brainwave states, we decrease our body and mind’s stress response, thus increasing the body and mind’s natural relaxation response, which evokes our natural self-healing abilities and our ability to be present. In theta, our consciousness becomes more internally directed and the experiences seem vividly real…our nervous system interprets them as real and creates a significant movement of energy, thus natural healing.
  • Intelligence, Happiness, Stress management, Pain management, etc… is all a matter of perception. Our neurological networks begin to develop in our mother’s whom and our nerve cell locations determine functions and our perceptions. Which explains why feeling the music resonance through your body and mind simultaneously, provides a sensory integration or inner harmony affect that enables you to perceive things in the music and within your body and mind that you may have not ever have perceived before.
  • As people first experience a So Sound® product, a common statement is, “Wow, now I understand what it means to meditate and/or what it is like to get into a meditative state”.
  • Brain science shows that our brains are operating within multiple frequencies all of the time.  Ayurvedic and/or Eastern medicines are based upon the understanding that the entire body operates at various frequencies. Using specially designed musical programs that embed specific harmonic frequency ranges, enables users to entrain the brain and the body to move into a more balanced state and/or target various states for desired consciousness to promote:
    • Enhanced Creativity and problem solving abilities
    • Releasing old negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and habits
    • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
    • Induce deep rest, relaxation and/or true body/mind restoration for sound sleep
    • Cultivate an inner sense of peace and higher understanding.


Does turning the volume up make the vibrations more intense?
You can control the resonance created by the So SoundHearts® within any of the products and the volume of the speakers individually and/or separately. Please do know that sometimes “less is more”. In other words, while you may not be as aware or perceive all frequencies being delivered at first, you are still getting the benefit! As you use So Sound® ART more and more, you will notice that your level of kinesthetic perception and/or awarenss increases. This is because as we “exercise” our brain, body/mind into more balanced states, we release mental, emotional and muscular tension, stress and/or body armor, which is what inhibits our ability to feel and be more aware. By doing So, and we naturally expand our conscious awareness and intuitive abilities. We begin to appreciate more fully what it means to feel So Sound® within ourselves. We begin to Discover Harmonic Intelligence®.
What does Discover Harmonic Intelligence mean?

“Life is a dance with energy.  And the key is becoming conscious of our choreography! ”   Suzannah Long

Quantum Physics is now proving what the ancient seers, mystics and healing artists have known for eons:  we attract what we resonate with, consciously or not. There is a universal intelligence that flows through us, uniquely as us, that is always supporting harmony.  So, whatever you feel and resonate with, you will manifest more of.

In other words, there is more to life than what we see.  And there is more to us than our physical body.  We do create our reality, and part of our life’s purpose is to become more conscious and/or response-able for our choreography in the dance with life force energy.

As we take time to relax, tune in and move into a deep Whole Body Listening experience, we naturally begin to Discover Harmonic Intelligence.  We naturally become more consciously aware of energy patterns that we are resonating with, that may or may not be in harmony with our highest good, our optimal health & well being.  Through this Whole Body Listening discovery process, we can more naturally:

  • Reduce physical, mental, emotional anxiety, stress and pain
  • Improve our communication skills, personal presence ad relationships both personally and professionally.
  • Become more aligned, well rested, rejuvenated and ready for whatever is next.





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