So Chord


Powerful reproduction of the creative & vibrational force emerging out of the perfect stillness of “the void”.

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Barry Oser, creator, co-founder, CIO of So Sound Solutions, began hearing this sound of creation most clearly when deep in the forest of North Carolina, listening into a creek. After many years of listening and meditating on this harmonic resonance emerging from the elemental world, he felt compelled to reproduce this in his studio. The So Chord is designed in accordance with the Harmonic Laws found in a simple vibrating string.

The harmonic realm and the expansive resonance of The So Chord has been found to be very calming, grounding, memorizing and highly supportive in stimulating the body/mind’s natural relaxtion response; thus supporting the healing process.  It has been reported to:

  • Calm and sooth children suffering from Autism and other special needs.
  • Support sound sleeping experiences for those struggling with PTSD, menopause, and more.
  • Help integrative medicine clinics provide a deeply relaxing,  music therapy type experience for thier patients or clients.

Sound, Music Therapy and other Integrative Medicine Research shows that sound and music can assist in:

  • Significant Stress Reduction, including symptoms of PTSD and Autism
  • Significant reduction in chronic muscle tension and pain management
  • Balancing heart rate; blood pressure and increasing circulation
  • Energizing and uplifting one’s mood and emotional health and well being
  • Enhancing creativity, communication, performance and problem solving capabilities.

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