We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest product, the Legato Lounge!

The Legato Lounge takes body, mind and spiritual rejuvenation to a new dimension. We co-created this product with Touch America to give you an adjustable, Zero Gravity relaxation lounger that cradles your body in the supreme comfort of 3-inch memory foam. The hi-fidelity, full-spectrum delivery of audio and tactile resonance allow for ultimate sensory integration as well as deep body and mind relaxation.

“As you experience the waves of sound and music resonating through you, your mind is lulled into a deep state of inner peace, clarity and calm,” Co-Founder and CEO of So Sound® Solutions Suzannah Long said.

Paired with the Touch America automated tilt and flexible diaphragm, the lounger easily adjusts into a Zero Gravity Ergonomic position resulting in optimal head and heart relationship, stress reduction and increased circulation. Experiencing the So Sound® Solutions Legato Lounge allows for physical, mental and emotional clarity.

“As you feel the sounds and music resonating through your body and mind in a truly harmonized way, you naturally and more completely mentally, emotionally and physically relax, thus enabling muscles to let go, circulation to improve and brainwaves and blood pressure to balance,” Dr. Robert Dallas, PhD Clinical Psychology, said.

Science now proves that the “vibes” we resonate with have a profound effect on health, happiness, relationships, performance as well as overall sense of wellbeing. As a leading innovator and sound healing veteran in the health, wellness and hospitality markets, So Sound® Acoustic Resonance Technology has been successfully used within therapeutic settings for more than 30 years. It offers benefits such as relaxation, stress management, sleeping So Soundly™ and enhances productivity and creativity.

The Legato Lounge will be available on our website soon. Stay tuned to find out how you can purchase!

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