My mother used to have a saying that always sticks in my mind when I find myself in a situation where someone is being a bit less than kind: “Kill them with Kindness.”

It truly can work wonders in shifting the vibe or energy if the other person does truly feel that your kindness is genuine. Let’s be real; we all have difficult days when we might not feel like we have the time or energy to be kind. But the fact is if we do simply share an act of kindness – be it as simple as letting someone go in front of you in traffic, opening a door for them to go through first, simply saying hello, looking into another’s eyes with compassion and appreciation or perhaps just offering a smile, even if they are not smiling at you – you feel better! And as you feel better, you naturally create a kind of vibe that offers the potential for those around you to feel better too.

We cannot control how another feels about us, but we can create an inner kindness vibe!

It is interesting to think about the various ways we define to ourselves as humans…. Human Beings, Human Kind, The Human Race. I think if we do make the time to be the kind of human that is not so caught up in racing around all of the time, so quick to judge another without really knowing what they are going through, but rather more mindful to the joy that comes from sharing a gesture of kindness – love, compassion, or appreciation for one another, ourselves and this precious gift we call life – we more often than not become more productive, efficient and effective! We certainly become more present and able to perceive, sense and feel the little things that make the journey or even the race more fulfilling.

So, when you are feeling stressed, depressed or overwhelmed, in a situation that could bring you down and are racing all around, it truly is the best time to keep kindness in mind! By just taking a moment to pause, breathe, and perhaps placing one hand over your heart and one on your lower belly and just feeling appreciative of this body that carries you around every day. Just feeling appreciative of the breath that is quite literally inspiring your life. Your Human Kindness becomes contagious.

As you allow yourself to ‘be’ the kind of human that you enjoy being with, you might just find that by doing So, you naturally begin to attract to you with effortless ease and grace…..the right people, places and opportunities that will blow your mind, in no time!

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