In light of this Christmas and Hanukah season, while moving through this significant time of change and choice, I am inspired to share this in hopes that it might inspire you to honor your own inner light, higher awareness and the co-inside dances of your life in celebration with others. Hopefully inspiring our individual and collective ability to imagine a more peaceful, heavenly experience here on this precious Earth!

When I was a little girl I would often escape into the big tree behind my home in Kentucky to just be alone in nature where I could tune in more clearly to the  “non physical” energies (angels, fairies, and other beings of light) that I felt so inspired by and connected to. While my family would often make fun of my “imaginary world” and/or my “Pollyanna” way of thinking, experiencing, and believing; for me this was all very real!  In many ways it felt a lot more natural, authentic, and/or “true” than what others seemed to only choose to focus upon or think of as “real”.

Yet, like many children, as I became older I slowly began to ignore most of these “imaginary friends”…. more subtle energies, thinking that if nobody else is aware of them then they most not be “real”.  I, not unlike many of us, slowly became conditioned in many ways to not trust my own intuition and/or imagination. I slowly began to tune out my own ability to connect or resonate with higher octaves, frequencies so to speak.

Except when I would dance and/or simply just listen to music!  As music, like being in nature, seemed to lull or lore me into more of an expanded state of awareness that was somehow more “acceptable”.  It seemed to help bridge the perceived gap between the very tangible or physical world with the “non-physical” energies or higher octaves in a way that was more acceptable and/or understandable by others.  Hence part of the reason I became a dancer, and perhaps why sharing music and dance was and still is for me such a sacred and healing practice.  While I choose not to continue or follow my career path as a professional dancer for many reasons years ago. One being that it was such a sacred experience for me. It was actually when I began to dance again just for my own enjoyment and to help reduce my stress (as a software sales rep with a $20 Million dollar quota as diverse as that sounds) that I began to have profound visions and the feeling of being with and hearing other energies once again.  In addition to connecting more consciously with my angels, spirit guides, and/or master teachers; I began having some interesting experiences with others that I admired that had “passed over”.

In the late 1990’s, as I have shared previously, I had some profound Spiritual awakening experiences that did in fact alter the course of my life dramatically. One that I am feeling inspired to share now is around this amazing song written by John Lennon, called Imagine!  Perhaps you have heard it?:)   Anyway, one night I was dancing in the big open studio at the fitness club I belonged to while living in Dallas, TX.  This was a gym that was open 24 x 7.  So, I would often go late at night or even in the middle of the night alone when hardly anyone was there.  As I preferred to go when nobody could watch me dance given some of my history (longer story for another time); and also because it had become part of my Spiritual practice.  A way of calling my own Spirit back, so to speak, through my love of dance, my breath and with the clear intention of seeking greater clarity within myself.  It was a very private, sacred and special time for me.

It was quite often during this very transformational time in Dallas that I would have the experience of being with John Lennon, Martin Luther King, and Princess Diana!  And while I did not consciously understand why these three personalities seemed to come into my awareness in unity with one another.  I just went with the flow of it without too much thought or question. I did, however, have a deep admiration and appreciation for each of them and the work they had shared while embodied here on this 3D Earth plane.

And I found it very interesting when I shyly began sharing more of my visions with those close to me at the time. How differently it was perceived or interpreted by others.  One person mentioning that they were all murdered; while another pointing out that they each stood for Unity and Peace.  These and other comments did make me realize how much our own beliefs, perception of reality, and/or consciousness is so often limited by our own conditioning, experience or mental programming, if you will.  I did not and do not judge any of this as good, bad, right or wrong.  I just find it interesting and inspiring to think about how through openly sharing our individual, authentic experiences, we can begin to support broader “hu” man perspectives or possibilities.  Because as we do know, thoughts create things and so what we focus on we manifest more of, consciously or not.  It is quite simple, but not always easy!

So, anyway, it was years later after being guided to move to Colorado that I once again experienced a “visit” by John.  It was then that I became inspired to roughly record this song in my basement with my dear friend, soul brother from a different mother and business partner, Barry Oser. While this is certainly not the most “professional” recording…. Sometimes even being a bit off key among other things!  It is, however, very authentic!:)  So, I share it in hopes that the Spirit of it rather than the quality of the recording might be appreciated and offer some sort of Peace and perhaps inspiration for you as well during this significant time of change and choice.

Please note that I did take the liberty to change some of the lyrics to align with my own belief and experiences.  So please forgive me if they in any way challenge your own.  I share this not to create conflict.  Only to support a potential broader view and/or expanded hue of possibilities as we move through this interesting time of significant change and choice here on this precious Earth.

I have experienced the feeling of Heaven here on Earth.  And I also have experienced the living hell that in my opinion simply ties back to our own inner-fear-ances, limiting beliefs, judgments, some religious doctrines, dogma and/or politics that too often divide us rather than unify us. Thus causing more fear, separation, greed, conflict, war, and perception of limitation versus true Peace, Love, Unity, Abundant joy, natural health, sense of well being and higher understanding.  Hence why my adjustment to the original lyrics!

For again in light of this season, please remember that as Jesus did say, in harmony with what Moses, Buddha and others inspired, “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within you!” and “You shall do this and more”!

So Be it!  Blessings and Be well! (The Song Imagine) (Guided Sound Healing Meditation)

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