Happy May!  I hope you are enjoying some extra time to go outside and play a little!  Today is a great day to simply appreciate the smell of flowers starting to bloom and to enjoy wiggling your toes in the fresh green grass beneath your feet.  To feel the warmth of the sun providing some vitamin D through your skin and the lovely spring breeze blowing through the trees.  Perhaps even enjoying picking dandelions and making a healthy, high immune system boosting salad!  Did you know that science now proves how healthy dandelions are! Please check it out:

We are excited to share a guided sound healing meditation that we created that we hope you will find supportive as you continue to move through this time of significant change and uncertainty.   Please enjoy listening with headphones as there is a drum rhythm and some binaural effects that do not come through as well on a phone or computer speakers as through headphones or earbuds.  And of course, if you have a So Sound Lounger or So Sound inside your sauna, treatment table, bed, or other equipment please sit or lie back, relax and enjoy listening and feeling it with your whole body.

S0 Sound Immersive Meditation

We also wanted to share another resource that might be of interest.  Amanda Shannon is offering some classes and intuitive healing sessions for those that might be interested.  Amanda is an intuitive healing artist that I have personally worked with and was very impressed by.  She has supported me in clearing, integrating and/or harmonizing my body/mind and Spirit thus supporting deeper clarity and a sense of inner peace and presence.  Amanda is a Reiki Master, IET Advanced Level Practitioner, Quantum Light Practitioner, Certified Sound Therapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Brainwave Optimization Technician. Please check out her website and offerings here:

Lastly, while we certainly are not here to debate politics or religious beliefs.  We do want to stand strong for high vibes, health and well-being for all!  Brain Rose from London Real has been interviewing some amazing people over the years sharing very inspiring information, practices, research and more.  So please check out his channel.  There are two interviews that I personally feel are worth watching.  One is with Dr. Joe Dispenza who is doing some amazing research in working with thousands globally offering highly effective practices and programs that in some cases are even curing stage 3 and 4 cancer, among other diseases, naturally!  The second is a bit more challenging and long (but well worth it) interview to listen to with Robert Kennedy Jr.  He shares some very important statistics around vaccines, the lack of safety testing and some deeply concerning potential conflicts of interest by those creating, mandating and distributing them.  Personally, I admire his passion, courage, and the values he shares even after losing his father (Robert Kennedy) and uncle (President John F. Kennedy) who were assassinated for doing so.

So, I share all of this in hopes that together we can become more aware, empowered and make some well-informed decisions that do honor our individual and collective health and well-being.

Blessings and Be well,

Suzannah and the So Sound Team

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