All pain is just stagnant energy that needs direction. Research shows that 85-90% of all illness, chronic pain or “dis-ease” is stress related. Taking time out to “tune-in” to your body/mind as a “report card” for your consciousness is one of the best ways to manage chronic pain and stress.

In today’s fast passed hi-tech world we are plugged into our devices non-stop. Sadly, many of us are so tuned into our devices and the external world, that we have more or less forgotten how to relax, unwind, and tune into the nature healing power of our body/mind and spirit.

We have somehow come to believe that if we take time out to “tune-in”, be fully present and listen to what our body is trying to tell us via the chronic pain and stress we are experiencing, that we will somehow be less productive. How crazy it that?

This belief can only work for so long. Eventually this body that carries you around will win the ‘ignor-ance’ war! Just like any other relationship in life, you have to pay attention, be present and nurture our relationship with this body that carries us around every day of our lives. Most of us choose to ignore the messages of our body, rather than make time to treat it like the best GPS or compass you could ever have.

One of the best strategies for managing chronic pain and stress is to actually make time to pause, breath and simply listen!  Don’t just listen with your ears. Listen with your heart. Listen with your whole body! Take time to simply notice where you feel energy flowing and where you feel stuck or resistance? Ask yourself why is this part of my body resisting deeper flow of breath, oxygen…resisting life itself?

Get curious, if you were to give your body a voice, what would it say? What if making time to pause, breath and simply listen to your body as if it were the best friend you could ever have, was the most productive thing you could do?  While there are many ways to tune in and listen to the body/mind and Spirit, we invite you to experience So Sound within yourself, to see if it resonates with you in a positive way that feels supportive and/or healing.

The So Sound Lounger has been used in psychotherapy practices for more than 20 years as a tool to help people from all walks of life, not only manage chronic pain and stress, but actually become more productive, creative and successful and more in tune with the pure potential of who they truly are.

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