In these seemingly fast paced times, when we are constantly plugged into our mobile phones and other devices via texting, emailing, and more; it can become very difficult to remember how to simply relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

These simple tips will help re-mind you of how to simply let go and allow yourself to tune into a deeper, natural, body/mind and spiritually harmonic flow.

Tip 1
Pause for a moment and just notice how you feel. Notice how you are sitting, standing or lying. Are you slumped over?  If so, adjust to allow more breath to easily move up and down your spine.

Tip 2
Take a moment to intentionally notice what you appreciate that is around you – be it a beautiful office, home, a piece of art, music playing, the colors, a smell, the comfort of your chair, the blue (or gray!) sky you see just outside the window, the sound of a gentle breeze blowing through the trees, birds singing, laughter, the smile or eyes of someone. Sense, feel and appreciate your body being effortlessly breathed.

Tip 3
Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly and just feel the fullness of breath, breathing you. Notice the gentle rise and fall of hands as they connect with the rest of your body.

Tip 4
If you are in a private or semi-private place you might simply close your eyes and just allow yourself to follow the rhythm of your breath as it continues to breath you with effortless ease and grace while silently saying to yourself some sort of phrase or mantra. For example:

  • I am happy, healthy, wealthy and free to receive endless opportunities being presented to me.
  • I am happy, healthy, wealthy and free to enjoy all my relationships lovingly.
  • I am open, ready and willing to receive love, compassion and pure potentiality to help me manifest my dreams.

Tip 5
Without making any of it right, wrong, good or bad, gently move, stretch and breathe in a way that invites those parts that feel tense to enjoy letting go of their current position, and experiencing a new sense of space. Perhaps even contracting those muscles even more intensely, as you inhale, then deeply letting them release as you exhale, thus opening up to receive more energy flowing through and truly supporting you.

Tip 6
As you sit, stand or even go for a short walk, take 3 to 5 minutes to simply notice how your feet feel as they connect with the ground beneath them. Imagine that with each breath or step you are inviting more and more energy up through your feet, slowly moving up through your legs, hips, belly, into your chest, your neck, moving up through your entire body constantly as if you were a water fountain with endless supply flowing up and spouting out of your crown, then flowing down your sides of your body continuing to cleanse and clear away any stress, worries, doubts or fears.

Tip 7
Gently rub your hands together at a nice pace until they feel a little warm. When they feel warmer, gently move them toward and away from one another about 2 to 5 inches apart and notice the energy you feel between them. As you sense that energy imagine it as ball of energy tingling through each hand as it resonates with the other. Then turn your hands individually toward your body, starting at your belly, then moving down to your feet, slowly moving them up to the top your head as if you were pulling up a veil, then bringing them around the back of your head and then just gently dropping them back down to your sides as if you are letting go of any energy that no longer serves you while simultaneously creating an energy field around you that quite literally is uplifting your vibes.

Tip 8
When you find yourself in traffic or stuck at a traffic light: Enjoy it! Rather than moving into a feeling of frustration, anxiety or fear that you will not get to where you need to be in time, take a moment to listen to some music, an audio book or something that inspires you. Become aware of your breath and imagine that you are being showered in a golden white light that is cleansing and clearing away all your tension, worries, doubts or “inner-fearances” that no longer serve you while uplifting you to resonate more fully with your dreams.

Tip 9
If you can, go for a 10-minute chair massage. Allow your body to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and Spirit in a So Sound Lounger. Feel the music and vibrations as you breathe and your body breathes you. Allow your mind to escape into another realm of relaxation and harmony.

Your wellbeing depends on taking time to tune in and get turned on by your breath, your conscious awareness and pure imagination!

~ So Be It ~ So it is! ~

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