Imagine – Happy Holidays!

In light of this Christmas and Hanukah season, while moving through this significant time of change and choice, I am inspired to share this in hopes that it might inspire you to honor your own inner light, higher awareness and the co-inside dances of your...

Happy May, a Guided Meditation and Much More

Greetings, Happy May!  I hope you are enjoying some extra time to go outside and play a little!  Today is a great day to simply appreciate the smell of flowers starting to bloom and to enjoy wiggling your toes in the fresh green grass beneath your feet. ...

So Sound Matters – Bless Us All

  Greetings, This is both a challenging yet highly potent opportunity to evolve our human consciousness here on planet Earth. We cannot keep doing things the way we have been and expect different results.  We hope that many will begin to really comprehend that this is...

The Grand Experiment

Barry Oser shares his experience, strength and hope and how his quest for self-healing over the past 30 years led to the amazing So Sound Solutions technology that we enjoy today.

The ARTistry of Sound

Margaret Mead once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Let’s band together in our efforts around Sound Healing!

Tuning Into The Heart

In today’s podcast Suzannah Long expands upon the art of listening and how it energetically affects the body. Learn more about dis-ease, PTSD and other ailments that often have a So Sound Solution.

The Art of Listening

Have you ever contemplated the Art of Listening? Barry Oser, So Sound Solution’s Co-Founder, talks about the importance of active listening, how it affects the dynamics of sound and allows us to become more heart-centered.

Music History and Harmonics of the Collective

Why is the history of music so importance? Barry Oser gives us in-depth knowledge of when dissonance began in our historical record and it’s impact on our collective consciousness. In order to become So Sound Within it’s essential to understand from where we began.

The Dance of Connection

Are you fully connected with your body? Do you know how to tune out to tune in? In today’s installment of So Sound Matters we explore the dance of connection and the effects of energy on the body.

I am

What would it look like if you could embody the infinite wholeness of mankind? Suzannah Long puts her beautiful lyrics about this concept to perfectly harmonized sound giving us all a glimpse of divine harmony.

Energy in Motion = Emotion

Today we are joined by Barry Oser who expands our knowledge about the code of love, the harmonics of the heart, and the importance of coherence. In today’s session we learn that science and art don’t exist separately and how much power they have when brought together in harmony.

3D Sound and The Collective Whole

Just like his co-founder, Suzannah, Barry Oser deeply understands the impact of heart wisdom. His quest for creating a 3D sound experience using Harmonic Intelligence resulted in So Sound Solutions, a powerful technology that lets us reconnect with our hearts and become So Sound Within.

So Sound Matters – Heart Wisdom

Do you know what it means to be So Sound Within? Join us for our new weekly podcast, So Sound Matters! In today’s edition, our CEO, Suzannah Long, helps us honor the wisdom of our heart with a beautiful guided meditation.

So Thankful

As we move into this season of Thanksgiving, I want to give sincere thanks to you, our So Sound team of supporters, strategic partners, affiliates and customers for resonating with and appreciating the higher mission and purpose of So Sound. Be it through...

Keep Kind in Mind

My mother used to have a saying that always sticks in my mind when I find myself in a situation where someone is being a bit less than kind: “Kill them with Kindness." It truly can work wonders in shifting the vibe or energy if the other person does truly feel that...

New Product: Legato Lounge

We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest product, the Legato Lounge! The Legato Lounge takes body, mind and spiritual rejuvenation to a new dimension. We co-created this product with Touch America to give you an adjustable, Zero Gravity relaxation lounger...

The ‘Purr-fact’ Reason to Cat Nap

Have you ever snuggled in with a purring cat, and found that you instantly felt more relaxed? Well, research is now proving that the cat purr not only calms and soothes the mental and emotional bodies; reducing stress, the risk of heart disease, strokes, migraine...

A Sound Approach to Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, as well as other sources: 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time. 80% have back problems at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide Lower back...

Chronic Pain Management

All pain is just stagnant energy that needs direction. Research shows that 85-90% of all illness, chronic pain or “dis-ease” is stress related. Taking time out to “tune-in” to your body/mind as a “report card” for your consciousness is one of the best ways to manage...

So Sound ~ Balancing Science with the ART of Healing ~

 Introducing Musical Touch Experiences for Sound Living! Sound Body ~ Sound Mind ~ Sound Health. While using music to enhance support relaxation, restorative sleep and the natural healing process is nothing new. Quantum Physicists and medical researchers are now...

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