According to the American Chiropractic Association, as well as other sources:

  • 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time.
  • 80% have back problems at some point in their lives.
  • Lower back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide
  • Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work and visit the doctor’s office.

While it is suggested that most causes of lower back pain are “mechanical”, science now affirms that everything in the known universe vibrates, including our physical bodies!  The cells that make up our “physical form” are actually resonating at various speeds or frequencies, which we perceive as “matter”.  So, the “matter that is with you” or what you are “resonating with” at any point of time or on a regular basis, is important to consider as we look at the root cause of back pain, or any pain for that “matter”.

Research also suggests that 80 to 95% of all “dis-ease” or pain is stress related. As we explore ways to manage our back pain, it perhaps would be more efficient and effective to think of it from a vibrational prospective, in addition to just a physical one.

The fact is, life wiggles. It all about Vibes! The physical body is simply a “report card” for our overall consciousness. The thoughts we think, the emotions we hold onto, the movements we do or do not make, our environment, the food we eat, what we drink, etc…. all contribute to how we experience life moving through us, uniquely as us.  So if you have a reoccurring issue or physical manifestation of a dis-ease, such as back pain; it is wise to take time out to tune into what is also “dis-easing” or stressing you mentally, emotionally, relationally, environmentally and spiritually.  Actually taking time out to deeply relax and listen to the messages that your body/mind is trying to report, can be quite helpful in not only relieving the pain, but perhaps shifting some other energy patterns that my be holding you “back” in other areas of your life.

So Sound® Solution’s (ART) Acoustic Resonance Technology has been reported to not only help relieve back pain, but also support people in tuning into the body/mind to get a better idea of the underlying cause of the dis-ease. The So Sound® Sleep environment as an example, can be programmed to not only help you relax and therefore relieve your back pain while you take a power nap or sleep experience; but also deliver specifically tailored sound healing frequencies, music and/or meditation programs to transform both your body and mind into the proper brain wave states for ultimate body, mind and Spiritual restoration.

Imagine an Intelligent Sleep Environment™ that immerses both your body and your mind in musical massage experience that is quite literally beyond words. An experience the truly helps you unwind, let go and simply allow your innate healing abilities to get to work, effortlessly. Feeling is Knowing™, and when you experience So Sound®within, you will know the difference!

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