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Imagine escaping into a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, highly inspiring musical massage experience that harmoniously tunes both your body and brain like a musical instrument, to be your best.

So Sound® Solutions was created to help manage stress and ‘re-mind’ us of our natural state of health or harmony.  To ‘re-mind’ us how to simply let go, relax, and recharge!  Get tuned in, turned on, and harmoniously resonating ~ physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually ~ with our highest potential and dreams, naturally.  Feeling is Knowing™, when you experience So Sound® within, you will know the difference.

Science now proves that the ‘vibes’ that we resonate with, consciously or not, have a profound effect on our health, happiness, relationships, performance, and our sense of well-being. So please, enjoy exploring all the ways you can feel So Sound® within.   Discover Harmonic Intelligence®.

So Sounds, Music & Meditation Programs

Uplift your “vibe” physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as you move into a deep listening experience with So Sound®’s music and meditation programs, specifically mixed and mastered to optimize the use of our patented Acoustics Resonance Technology (ART).

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So Sound® Acoustic Resonance Technology


So Sound® products are ergonomically & bio-energetically designed to relax your body, calm your mind, and soothe your soul in ways that are literally beyond words. You come away feeling deeply relaxed, vibrantly alive and aware from a deep space within; naturally supporting enhanced creativity, stress management, productivity and a powerful presence that attracts deeply satisfying relationships to you effortlessly.

Stress Management

In today’s fast-paced world, we are constantly bombarded with all sorts of stressors.  When so on the go, we often forget how to quiet our minds and become present to our breath and bodies in order to ‘be’ our best. Our products and programs are specially designed to ‘re-mind’ you how to simply relax, let go, relieve all the stress and anxiety in your life while also transitioning old negative thought patterns, beliefs, and habits that may be holding you back in ways you are not even aware of.

Sleep So Soundly™

Lullaby’s are not just for babies! We all need to enjoy deeply soothing, nurturing, loving experiences that naturally lull us into restful and restorative sleep experiences. As you Sleep So Soundly™, you will gain a sense of inner peace and well being. You’ll notice feeling more centered, present, and inspired throughout the day as you are ‘re-minded’ how to simply let go of physical, emotional, pain and mental chatter as you lie down at night.

Enhance Productivity & Creativity

In today’s high tech, highly competitive world, with non-stop texting, emailing, social media, etc…. life can feel extremely chaotic and overwhelming.  We often become unaware of how reactive we have become, making us actually less productive, less available, less resourceful. The So Sound® Sanctuary provides the perfect space to briefly escape, relax, align with our stress management goals. Enjoy a little ‘time out’, to ‘tune in’ and restore your innate creativity, response-ability to connect more fully with our own authentic energy.

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