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So Sound® Yoga Board

Take your yoga, meditation, &/or mindfulness based stress reduction practices to the next level with the So Sound® Yoga Board.  

Yoga-Board Largeaddtocart-blue-2So Sound® Yoga Board

Bring an entirely new dimension of awareness to your mindfulness practices as you feel the music you simultaneously hear, literally uplift you physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Price $1,777.00

The So Sound Yoga Board includes the following: -Dimensions – 24 3/4″ wide, 68 1/2″ long, 3″ tall -Two (2) So SoundHearts® -75 Watt So Sound Customer Amplifier with: -Stereo input for customer supplied CD Player, iPod, MP3 player, stereo system, or DVD player -Stereo output for connecting customer supplied headphones or powered speakers -Power supply and cable.

Have you ever found it difficult to focus your mind, to be fully present to your body and breath?

Practicing yoga, Pilates, and other mindfulness based movement or meditation, supports mental, emotional as well as physical flexibility, strength and awareness toward the more subtle energy of your being. DSC_0173

Users of The So Sound® Yoga Board have shared the following benefits:

  • Better balance, deeper sense of grounding, postural and energy alignment.
  • Deeper inner awareness of center, neutral spine, and use of breath.
  • Achieving greater levels of sensory integration, relaxation, and meditation.
  • Reduction in chronic stress, pain, and muscular tension thus increased flexibility.
  • Increased circulation while exercising, standing, sitting, stretching or relaxing.
  • Providing biofeedback to bring deeper awareness of where you are stressing or holding.
  • Powerful energetic shifts that bring the body, mind, and spirit into harmony or balance.
  • Letting you know “in your joints,” when you’re properly or improperly aligned.

The feet are powerful receptors for the mind and body as known through the science of reflexology. One can enjoy the benefits of the So Sound® Yoga Board in a variety of ways including: standing, sitting, or lying.  This So Sound® A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Technology) is currently being used in:

  • Fitness studios to enhance flexibility while stretching after a workout
  • Corporate wellness settings to support mindfulness based stress reduction
  • Schools to provide a safe and comfortable timeout/sensory integration station for children with special needs. 
  • Spas and homes as sensory rich relaxation and meditation stations
  • Performance halls, galleries, stages, retail stores, trade show booths or other environments where people are needing to stand for extended periods of time.

Feeling the music resonate up through your feet and body helps reduce physical stress and fatigue as circulation is increased.   NASA research demonstrates that standing on a resonating platform can help mitigate bone lose, as an example.  Click here to learn more.


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Customers are saying:

  • “Using the So Yoga Board is truly uplifting, energizing and fun.”– Anita
  •  “This is profoundly helpful in grounding me; keeping me present to by mind and body and breath!” –Mimi
  •  “I find this useful for yoga, meditation, as well as a great place to just lie down and relax before bed!” –Micheal


Suggested Retail Price – $1777