For Professionals

So Sound® is passionate about helping doctors, therapists, healing artists, coaches, teachers and trainers who want to:

  • Increase their impact, revenue and customer referrals
  • Enhance their performance, customer experience, quality of work and life

But may struggle with finding effective and efficient ways to help their customers get maximum results while minimizing their time.

Uplift your ‘vibe’, impact, revenue and your customer’s experience!  Enjoy the benefits of Feeling So Sound® within:

  • Your existing or a new treatment table
  • A Relaxation Lounger
  • The So Sound® Sanctuary
  • An Infrared Sauna

“It often takes 20 minutes to just get my clients to relax and let go in order to receive the full benefits of a massage.  With the So Sound® ART within my treatment table, it happens within 3 to 5 minutes, which enables me to provide a much deeper experience for my clients and is substantially less stressful and tacking on me, as a therapist” Shara Thome, Director San Gabriel Spa

Shara Thome

Owner and Therapist, San Gabriel Spa

“My friend and doctor, Dr. Renee Ostertag, has So Sound® ART in her table at her office. She explained that it is the lifesaver for many of her clients in acute pain. Where other therapies are completely intolerable for these clients, the sound healing creates great, measurable results! I later expereinced this first hand after my car accident!” 

Meghan Conter

Marketing consultant

“The So Sound® ART experience perfectly promotes the state of ‘relaxed alertness’ which makes all other mental functioning operate at peak efficiency.  A side benefit we have also noticed is after several sessions, most people show a great deal more mental flexibility and emotional stability.  This state assists people in facing the constantly changing environment with more confidence.” 

Dr. Robert Dallas, Ph. D.

Psychotherapists and Founder, The Dallas Center

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