For Corporate Wellness

Employees want to be successful and dedicated to your company. They value and appreciate company support of a healthier lifestyle on the job and while on the road. Each step the employee makes toward a healthier less-stressed lifestyle becomes a cost savings and increased productivity benefit for you, their employer.

Recent research from the American Journal of Health Promotions shows that corporate wellness programs:
•    Decrease medical claims
•    Improve job efficiency
•    Lower absenteeism
•    Decrease premature death
•    Stop loss of up to 115 work hours yearly due to minor illnesses
•    Save employers up to $2000 per employee each year

The So Sound® Sanctuary provides the perfect ‘power/cat nap’ space to rejuvenate, recharge and resonate with higher performance, enhanced decision making skills, listening and communication skills, better relationships and presence at work, on the road and at home.  Let us help you attract and inspire your employees to ‘be’ their best.

For Hotel, Resort, Spa

Guests want to reduce stress, rest and recharge. They value and appreciate experiences that support a healthier lifestyle while on the road or within their community. Each step the guest makes toward a healthier less-stressful lifestyle becomes a cost savings and higher productivity benefit for their employer. Increased reoccurring revenue, guest satisfaction and loyalty for you as their hospitality &/or health and wellness provider.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is one of the fastest developing sectors of the travel market. This trend doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, as increasingly stressed business and leisure travelers seek trips that offer the chance to unwind and boost mental and physical health and well being.

The So Sound® Sanctuary & So Sound® Wellness Suite helps customers deeply relax, unwind both their body and mind to get the optimal rest and rejuvenation they need both while on the road and at home.  Learn more about how to becoming a So Sound® Certified Affiliate Partner or Retailer.






For Health & Wellness Centers, Clinics or Hospitals

Patients want to experience ways to  reduce stress, anxiety and pain QUICKLY and NATURALLY!  They value and appreciate providers that help them recover faster and empower them to enjoy a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.

Health care providers want to be successful at their jobs, dedicated to their patients and you as their employer. They value and appreciate support in managing stress and compassion fatigue on the job.  Each step the provider makes toward a healthier, less-stressed lifestyle becomes a cost savings, improved patient safety, satisfaction and higher productivity benefit for you as their employer.

Guests of patients want to be there for their friends, family and loved ones while they are in the hospital or going through health issues.  They appreciate the opportunity to stay close, while also having some place to escape all the stress, noise and manage their own emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual health and well being.

Tune into all the ways you can help Uplift the ‘Vibe’ of healthcare!  Feeling Is Healing™! Feeling Is Knowing™! Experience So Sound® within!





“Our use of the So Sound® Lounger is wildly successful with our software engineers.  Not only are they enjoying a deep level of camaraderie, partially due to the relaxation effect of the chair, but they also scored significantly higher on their post-test creative-thinking SOI’s.” 

Sharon Richardson

Human Resources Manager, Cisco System

“All of us at the Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch are very excited about the investment we made in our So Sound® Loungers.  People truly love the experience.  We have definitely accomplished our goal of creating a very unique and extra special environment for our guests to fully relax and rejuvenate.” 

Keri Morales

Spa Director, Cooper Center & Spa at Craig Ranch

“Patients are more relaxed and are resting better.  Hospital environments can be quite noisy, and the So Sound® MedBed provides a personal musical sanctuary for patients to “escape” into, thus buffering them from all the activity around them.”   

John Sackett

CEO, Avista Hospital

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