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Corporate Wellness

Research shows that 80-95% of all diseases are stress related.  

The price tag for stress to American Business is estimated to be over $200 billion per year.

We all experience stress each day, it is a natural part of life.  However, if stress levels are not managed, the results are accumulative; and cause serious health, communication, performance, relationship and quality of life issues.

In today’s fast paced, hi-tech and seemingly chaotic world we are plugged into computers, mobile phones, and the world wide web. These technological tools are designed to help us communicate more efficiently and effectively with the outside world.  But what about our inner world?   How can we efficiently and effectively recharge and restore the integrity of our “human operating systems” so we can be the ‘best at our game’?

So Sound Solutions is passionate about providing Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) environments and comprehensive stress management and performance enhancement programs that efficiently and effectively restore our ability to:

  • Think creatively
  • Resolve & Respond to problems resourcefully
  • Listen fully
  • Communicate & Relate effectively
  • Be more present to the pure potential of our individual and collective innate intelligence. 

    Dr. Dallas graph

    “Our use of the So Sound Lounger is wildly successful with our software engineers. Not only are they enjoying a deep level of camaraderie, partially due to the relaxation effect of the chair, but they also scored significantly higher on their post-test creative-thinking SOI’s and overall performance measures.”–Sharon Richardson, Human Resources Manager Cisco Systems.

    While most of us understand how important physical exercise is to maintaining health and vitality; Whole Body Listeningexercises our mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health; thus enhancing our communication and intuitive abilities, and allowing us to be more response-able on all levels of our being and in all areas of our life.

    The So Sound® Lounge provides a much needed “time out”  and “tune-in” environment to  relax  and recharge both the mind and body for optimal performance, enhanced creativity and relational abilities.