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Spa & Wellness

Discover how Acoustic Relaxation Therapy can increase revenue and enhance the potential of any spa treatment.

  • Looking for ways to differentiate and provide profoundly unique experiences that get your guests sharing their experience with others?
  • Do you ever experience situations where a therapist is running late, and the next guest is waiting, perhaps not so patiently?


So Sound® Solutions’ provides spas, wellness clinics and therapists with unique state of the A.R.T. (Acoustic Relaxation Therapy) programs that increase revenue  and potential  benefits of  any treatment.

The So Sound®Lounge delivers a state the A.R.T. self-service environments that can be personally programmed to meet each and every clinics ever changing needs:

  • Stress management
  • Performance enhancement
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Enhanced Relationship Skills
  • Whole Body Listening Skills
  • Sensory Integration Relaxation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Mediation &/or  Whole body/mind awareness for enhanced health and well being

The So Sound®Lounge is also extremely useful as a time-management tool, when therapists are running late, or as a special experiential, promotional offering that does not require the additional overhead of a therapist.

Many have shared that sitting in the So Sound®Lounge before and/or after a massage, facial, acupuncture or other body treatment greatly enhances their ability to relax and get the most from their spa experience. Others have shared that they actually prefer it to a “traditional massage” as it seems to “stick with them longer” and offers them “my alone time” that they are rarely able to get anywhere else.

How are you managing your own stress?

Your stress level is equally as important as that of your guests.  Do you ever just need a quick time-out or “stress break” for yourself.  Perhaps you just dealt with someone moving through some deep emotional stuff, or the energy has just been a little too intense.  Bottom line as healing artists, we need also need time and space to restore our own sense of balance and harmony so that we can be fully present to the needs of our quests.  The So Sound®Lounge provides the often needed “time-out” or ‘tune-in’ break that we need in order to be the best we can be for our guests, as well as yourselves!

Don’t have the space to create a So Sound® Lounge?

The So Sound® Retrofit Kit can be added to any treatment table to add a little versatility, flexibility and add on revenue opportunities without the overhead of additional space.  Please see the Retrofit Kit product page to learn more.