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Integrative Medicine

trees_flowers Research shows that 85-90% of all doctor visits are stress related.

When constantly on the go, and bombarded with all the noise and chaotic rhythms of our daily urban existence, we often are not even aware of how stressed we have become, and how this hyper-reactive state of stress is affecting our physical, mental and emotional bodies as well as the quality of our relationships, our work, and the quality of our lives.

High stress levels significantly affect our immune system, our sleep, and our innate intelligence.  Stress affects the natural rhythm and communication flow of our body, mind and spirit.

Research shows that issues like insomnia, adult on-set diabetes, heart dis-ease, chronic fatigue, weight gain, obesity, cancer and even Autistic disorders are all  directly related to stress.

Rather than just taking a drug which actually disrupts the natural rhythms and harmony of the body and mind, thus causing more stress.  How can we create an environment that gently guides, nurtures and naturally entrains both our body and brain toward a state of deep relaxation and true restoration?

The growing fields of Psycho-neuro-immunology (the study of how thoughts and emotions affect the immune system) coupled with Psycho-acoustics (the science studying the psychological and physiological responses to sound and music) suggest that through a natural phenomena called entrainment we can create naturally healing and sound restoration environments that simply and efficiently re-mind us of our innate ability to Discover Harmonic Intelligence®.

So Sound® Solutions is Balancing Science with the ART of Sound Health & Well Being.

We are passionate about working with leading edge integrative medical facilities and therapists to co-create environment that simply, efficiently and effective help people relax and restore their natural state of health or harmony.

The So Sound® Lounger has been used by psychotherapists for over 20 years to support stress and pain management, among other dis-eases that are caused by stress.  So Sound also is strategically aligned with Earthlite Medical to provide patient-focused hospital furniture and medical equipment that maximizes comfort, function, and style.  While listening to music provides one level of experience.  Feeling the music you hear resonate through you like a music massage when you are in pain, provides a level of comfort that is beyond words.

As many cancer survivors have shared…… “I would have paid anything to have had this level of support” when I was going through chemotherapy.

If you are interested in exploring the various ways we might add a So Sound® music touch to your clinic, hospital or infusion center, please give us a call at 303-926-5316.