The So Sound® ARTist Program

We invite you to become a member of our community that is committed to uplifting yourself and uplifting your customers. Let’s co-create a powerful and impactful sound healing experience with the So Sound ® Solutions Certified ARTist Program. The So Sound ® ARTist Program will:

  • Provide opportunities for increased profitability
  • Differentiate you and your practice through effective certification techniques
  • Enhance the customer experience through results oriented modalities

What are the benefits of becoming a So Sound ® Certified ARTist?

  1. Commissions for all referred sales. Our tracking program ensures you are given credit for every customer referral. We truly understand that you have your customer’s best interests in mind. As a trusted advisor, you are an example of the best experience that So Sound can offer. This program provides additional income to our community of Certified ARTists worldwide.
  2. Links and banners to help you share the benefits of So Sound ® Solutions with your friends, clients and colleagues. We will provide you with a link to place on your site. So Sound handles the tracking, the sale, collection of funds and the delivery of the product to your referral.
  3. Consumer Referrals. When you become a certified So Sound ® ARTist we can send customers your way knowing they will be receiving the very best in sound healing. We will honor your commitment to our guidelines by listing you on our website and driving consumer traffic in the area to your organization.
  4. Industry Recognition. So Sound ® Solutions will select Certified ARTists to accompany us at Trade Shows, Educational Events and Trainings globally.
  5. Cross Promotion. Now that you are an active member of the So Sound Solutions Certified ARTist program we want to do our very best to provide you with the mutual respect and attention that you given to our sound healing experience. Feel free to tag us in any of your social media posts, alert us about upcoming events or include us on your monthly newsletter updates. We will be sure to cross-promote you in the digital space and ask that you do the same!

How It Works:

  1. Fill out the So Sound ® Solutions Certified ARTist application.
  2. So Sound ® Solutions will review your application and contact you to schedule aninterview.
  3. As soon as you’re approved, So Sound ® will contact you to schedule certificationtraining.
  4. ARTist Certified Training takes about 4 weeks to complete and you will be matched with another So Sound Certified ARTist that will be there to mentor you through the process. We want to ensure all interested healing practitioners are adept in So Sound Solutions best practices ensuring the best possible sound healing experience for both you and your customer.
  5. Once you’ve become a Certified ARTist, you are now a welcomed member of our growing worldwide community of sound healing ARTists. We will ask you for all of your contact details to be listed on our website, your social media handles for avid cross-promotion and if it interests you, we’d like to invite you to be interviewed on our weekly podcast, So Sound Matters.
  6. As a Certified ARTist you are now welcomed to become a participant in our Customer Referral Program. You will be e-mailed a So Sound ® Solutions Certified ARTist link to be used in all your digital marketing materials (website, emails, social media, etc) that drives your audience to our website, giving you credit for every purchase made.
  7. Spreading the wealth: Once you are an active participant in our Certified ARTist referral program you will start seeing returns on your investment in certified sound healing. We pay our ARTists monthly for commissions on any purchases made using your referral link. All details are tracked in our system and we plan on giving all ARTists full visibility to our process in the next six months with an individual website login. This will let you track how many of your customers are using the link you provided and how many purchases have been made.
  8. Additional earning opportunities by hosting events. Select So Sound ® Solutions Certified ARTists will receive additional compensation and expanded opportunities when hosting So Sound ® Solutions special trainings and events at their location.

What Will You Be Promoting? You can earn a 10% commission on all So Sound ® Solutions products:

  • So Sound ® Bedding
  • So Sound ® Loungers
  • So Sound ® Treatment Tables
  • So Sound ® Treatment Enhancement Kits (formerly Retro-Fit Kits)
  • So Sound ® Yoga Boards

Further details for the So Sound ® Solutions ARTist Program can be found in the attached PDF. To support you in expediting the process, we have also included a So Sound ® Solutions ARTist Program Application. Please contact us with any questions at We are passionate about amplifying our collective opportunities and collaborative abilities to uplift many with positive vibes. We look forward to having you on the So Sound Solutions ARTist team!

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