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So Sound® Lounger

Escape from the stress, noise, mental &/or emotional chatter within your home or office or clinical environments.  The So Sound® Lounger music chair provides an incredible mindfulness based stress reducing environment that is beyond words.

Maestro largeaddtocart-blue-2The Maestro.   The carbon-composite So Sound Lounger is the “Flag ship” of the product offerings. Specifically designed for professional environments; this model is specifically molded and shaped like a musical instrument to create the most optimal tactile Acoustic Resonance experience coupled with long term durability. This specially molded carbon-composite So Sound Lounger cradles the body in a spherical, surround sound type experience; thus offering “higher fidelity” than others. Price $6,888.00


DSC_0018addtocart-blue-2The Adagio. The exposed wood So Sound Lounger was designed with both high fidelity resonance as well as consumer aesthetics, comfort and affordability in mind.  Like other wood instruments, it offers a profound acoustic resonance experience enhanced by specially designed foam gel & visco/memory foam pad,  thus creating a feeling of being hugged within the waves of the sound and music played through it. Price $3,888.00


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maestro chairThe So Sound® Lounger is the ultimate tactile acoustic musical massage experience.  We believe Feeling is Knowing, and when you experience the So Sound Lounger, you will know the difference! 

Sink in and enjoy the gentle caress of your favorite music rippling through this ergonomic music chair.  A journey for the mind and body, into deep relaxation, meditation, harmonization, and inner peace! The So Sound® Lounger encourages you to indulge in a sensory rich integration, musical massage experience beyond words.

DSC_0018It’s unique ergonomic shape and monolithic design enables the delivery of a hi -fidelity, full range tactile acoustic resonance, musical massage experience.

As you  feel the music that you hear resonating through your entire body and mind, simultaneously; you are quickly and safely shifted into a deep state of relaxation.  Instantly, muscles begin to relax, and circulation improves as the music calms and delights your active mind.

 “It’s Like Lying in a Cello!”

“Music has never felt So Good!”

“This is Body/ Mind Meditation made easy!”

Customers share significant health and wellness benefits :

  • Significant Stress Reduction, including symptoms of PTSD and Autism
  • Significant reduction in chronic muscle tension and pain management
  • Balancing heart rate and blood pressure
  • Energizing and uplifting one’s mood
  • Enhanced creativity, communication, performance and problem solving capabilities

NASA and NIH research is also showing how beneficial utilizing “low-intensity, high frequency vibration” is in mitigation of bone loss, possible fat reduction, regeneration of tissues, and regulation of critical stem cell processes.

Key Benefits users have shared:

  • Enhanced ability to listen, experience, and enjoy music.
  • Feeling of warmth, increased circulation, relaxation and energy.
  • Mental and emotional clarity, personal presence and sense of peace
  • Ergonomically comfortable and supporting the proper alignment of head and heart

The So Sound® Lounger includes the following:

  • Four So SoundHearts®
  • 75 Watt So Sound Customer Amplifier with Stereo input for customer supplied CD Player, iPod, MP3 player, stereo system, or DVD player
  • Stereo output for connecting customer supplied headphones or powered speakers
  • Power supply and cable
  • Limited one year warranty
Choice of Wood Stains
Choice of Upholstery Colors for the Maestro
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