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Suzannah Long, Co-Founder/Chief Evangelist Officer – shares 20- plus years of sales, marketing, and business development success having worked with high technology software companies including Platinum Technology, Sterling Software and Oracle, where she consistently exceeded revenue goals in excess of $20 million. Previously having enjoyed a professional dance career, both teaching and performing; Suzannah continues to teach Pilates based wellness programs, is a Reiki master and channel for sound healing tones and music. She has devoted the last 15-plus years researching and bringing together technology, mindfulness based stress reduction programs, tools and organizations that promote natural health and wellness. Suzannah is passionate about bringing like-minded and heart-centered expertise, together, to co-create a high-integrity, world renown organization that continues to balance science with the ART of health and well being. She earned her Business Communications degree from Indiana University.

Barry Oser, Co-Founder/Chief Innovations Officer – With his background as an accomplished concert pianist, revolutionary thought leader and innovator, Barry brings over 28 years of research and development to So Sound®. Barry has a unique, innate ability to perceive natural harmonics and geometrics, enhanced by years of practice in music, martial arts, and Taoism, which has translated into the co- development of So Sound’s state-of-the-ART offerings. As a composer, recording studio engineer, teacher, and performer, Barry continues to be fully commitment to the research and development of revolutionary products and musical programming, which lies at the heart of So Sound’s business.

Steven Dabbs, CFO – Steve has more than 20 years of experience in the technology and real estate industries. He has founded several successful Internet / ASP companies, including an early Internet web hosting company in 1993, which he sold to a publicly traded company in 1998. He served as Vice President of Johnstown American Companies. Steve was a CPA and tax accountant with Price Waterhouse. He has a Masters of Accounting from University of Georgia.