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So Sound® Treatment Table

holistic practitionerInterested in providing a unique, deeply relaxing, stress management environment, while simultaneously increasing your revenue opportunities?

Do you want differentiating yourself as a spa, clinic, or integrative health practitioner?

Enhance every massage, facial, or other spa type experiences with the gentle caress of music rippling through and relaxing both the body and mind. Integrative Health Practitioner’s find that clients are more relaxed and ready to receive more as the musical massage assists in quickly and easily transitioning them from the outer world of stress to the inner world of deep relaxation, sensory integration and peace.

So Sound® has partnered with Living Earth Crafts, Earthlite Medical to offer this state of the A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Therapy) experience to spas, physical therapists, body workers, integrative health practitioners, and individual consumers through a variety of treatment table designs and models to support optimal health and wellness for their clients.

In addition, So Sound® is now offering  Retrofit Kits for customers that already have invested in treatment tables, or other spa or medical furniture. These kits help integrative health practitioners enhance their clients experience, as well as their revenue opportunities with So Sound® A.R.T.  Please see our So Sound Retrofit Kit to learn more.  Please also check out our Affiliate program designed to offer you financial support as you share the So Sound experience with others.

Key Benefits users have shared:

  • Ability to support deeper relaxation and pain management experiences in less time
  • Feeling of warmth, increased circulation, relaxation and energy enhancement
  • Provides enhanced stress management and comfort during painful procedures
  • Ergonomically supportive for the therapist, as they also enjoy feeling the Acoustic Resonance of the music, thus enabling them to connect more intuitively with their clients needs.
  • As the clients quickly become more relax and open, the therapists work becomes less taxing, while they are simultaneously able to go deeper with their work.

Do you ever find your clients or staff needing a little extra alone time before or after a treatment?

Sound & Music Therapy and other vibro-acoustic Research shows that sound and music can assist in:

  • Significant Stress Reduction, including symptoms of PTSD and Autism
  • Significant reduction in chronic muscle tension and pain management
  • Balancing heart rate; blood pressure and increasing circulation
  • Energizing and uplifting one’s mood and emotional health and well being
  • Enhancing creativity, communication, performance and problem solving capabilities.

Customers are saying:

“It normally takes my clients about 20 minutes to begin to let go and be able to receive the full benefits of the massage. With So Sound this happens within the first 3 to 5 minutes, which enables me to provide a much deeper healing and nurturing experience.”– Shara Thome, CMT & Director of San Gabriel Spa

The So Sound® Table includes the following:

  • Four So SoundHearts® (installed in mattress or foundation)
  • 75 Watt So Sound Customer Amplifier with:
    • Stereo input for customer supplied CD Player, iPod, MP3 player, stereo system, or DVD player
    • And stereo output for connecting customer supplied headphones or powered speakers;
  • Power supply and cable;
  • Limited one year warranty
 So Sound® within Treatment Tables are manufactured through our partner Living Earth Crafts, Earthlite and Earthlite Medical. PLease call for a catalog or more information.