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TouchBedbig-300x255The So Sound® Touch Sleep Environments

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Your So Sound® Sleep Environment is custom built, featuring four So SoundHeart® Acoustic Resonators, embedded within the premium quality mattress, or also within a fixed or adjustable foundation (with the mattress of your choice), the music  immerses you in a gentle “sound wave massage” easing away stress and relaxing both mind and body.

Now imagine those waves were the strings of a cello, lulling your whole body and mind into a deeply soothing meditative state that quickly and easily transitions you into a sound sleep experience; then gently awakens you, feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for a new day! Instead of just hearing your favorite bedtime music with your ears, you are now listening with your whole body. …more.

Maestro largeaddtocart-blue-2The Maestro.
The carbon-composite So Sound® Lounger is the “Flag ship” of the So Sound product offerings. Specifically designed for professional environments, it is specifically molded and shaped like a musical instrument to create the most optimal tactile Acoustic Resonance experience coupled with long term durability. This specially molded carbon-composite So Sound® Lounger cradles the body in a spherical, surround sound type experience; thus offering “higher fidelity” than other similar models. …more.    Price $6,888.00

DSC_0018addtocart-blue-2The Adagio.
The exposed wood So Sound® Lounger was designed with both high quality resonance as well as consumer aesthetics, comfort and affordability in mind. Like other wood instruments, it offers a profound acoustic resonance experience enhanced by specially designed gel & visco.memory foam, thus creating a feeling of being hugged within the waves of the sound and music being played through it.
…more.Price $3,888.00

Yoga-Board Largeaddtocart-blue-2Yoga Board.
The So Sound® Yoga Board is specifically designed to bring an entirely new dimension of awareness to your yoga, meditation or mindfulness practice by allowing you to feel the music you hear; thus literally uplifting you physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. …more.   Price $1,777.00

retrofit cropaddtocart-blue-2Retro Fit Kit.
The So Sound® Retrofit Kit can be quickly and easily installed within treatment tables, chairs and other furniture or equipment. The So Sound® Retrofit kit offers a complete sound healing solution for those who are interested in enhancing any treatment, rest, recovery or relaxation experience with a musical touch.  …more.   Price: $1,222.00


SOChordaddtocart-blue-2So Chord

The So Chord is a powerful reproduction of the creative and vibrational force emerging out of the perfect stillness of “the void.”…more.




SO Peacefuladdtocart-blue-2So Peaceful

This musical journey was composed to create a heart opening, warming and peace inducing experience. It  inspires a deep feeling of compassion, peace, and being in love. What the  heart knows, the mind and body follows.  …more.



SO Relaxingaddtocart-blue-2So Relaxing

This musical journey was specially designed for those that resonate with a more flowing genre often associated with New Age music. …more.




So Jazz - coveraddtocart-blue-2So Jazz

Specially designed to captivate, intrigue, and relax the overly active mind and body, especially when experienced through a So Sound A.R.T. environment. So Jazz stimulates a sense of expanded awareness and heightened creativity.  …more.



“We truly believe this is going to help our guests reach a state of relaxation (and maybe even reflection and healing) that would be very hard to reach with just touch therapy alone. To say I’m excited about this doesn’t even begin to cover it. I think we are fundamentally going to change the concept of spa!” —- Ella Stimpson, Spa Director

“Patients are more relaxed and are resting better. Hospitals environments can be somewhat noisy at times and The Touch by So Sound provides a personal musical sanctuary for patients to “escape” into, buffering them from all the activity around them.” —- John  Sackett, CEO Avista Hospital