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What People Are Saying


AJ’s Story:

“This product is wonderful for children like AJ. His DX include: Microcephaly, Cerebral Palsey, Seizure Disorder, and Sensory Integration Issues. Prior to the SoSound Bed it took hours to get him to sleep. Then, once he went to sleep….he did not stay asleep. The So Sound Bed that we have received for AJ has been the best piece of equipment we have EVER received for AJ.

The first night my husband and I put AJ in the So Sound Bed he was asleep in less than 5 minutes. We looked at each other and said “No Way!” The second night, and the third night was the same way. Six months later….the results are the same. We are so astounded at the results – even today. We play a CD all night, and the vibration soothes him, calms him, and obviously keeps him asleep.

From birth sleeping issues have been a primary issue with AJ. He is now nine, and for the first time in his life he sleeps all night – ALMOST EVERY NIGHT. He seems rested in the morning, and I really believe this will help him even progress more than ever! Thanks to your product, we have at least a 75% chance at all of us getting a good nights sleep at the McHaney House. —-  Tracy McHaney, Director of Human Resources – Mother of AJ

“We truly believe this is going to help our guests reach a state of relaxation (and maybe even reflection and healing) that would be very hard to reach with just touch therapy alone. To say I’m excited about this doesn’t even begin to cover it. I think we are fundamentally going to change the concept of spa!  —- Ella Stimpson, Director of Spa at The Broadmoor”


“I learned of the So Chair a few years ago, and have been waiting for the right time and setting to fully incorporate it into our offerings. That time is now. The So Chair offers the opportunity for truly profound personal experiences that support our vision in serving as a resource for health, fitness and well being to our guests and members. The So Chair also serves as part of my personal wellness practice, and I’d encourage anyone to experience it as well.

—- Jim Root, Chairman of ISPA


“Patients are more relaxed and are resting better. Hospitals environments can be somewhat noisy at times and the So Medbed provides a personal musical sanctuary for patients to “escape” into, buffering them from all the activity around them. —- John Sackett, CEO Avista Hospital”

“All of us at the The Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch are very excited about the investment we made in our So Chairs and So Pads. People truly love the experience. We have definitely accomplished our goal of creating a unique and extra special environment for our guests.

Many of our guests experience the So Chair both before and after treatments, workouts, or just as a stand alone relaxation treatment.We’re enthusiastic about our continued relationship with So Sound Solutions. Your excellent service and innovative approach ensures new musical programs that will keep our client experience fresh, new and inspired.

Our staff has really benefited from the introductory training around the benefits of Acoustic Resonance Technology. It is our pleasure to work with you and continue to learn more about the growing field of Sound therapy. Dr. Kenneth Cooper often brings special guests by to visit the spa facility, and he is very proud to share the So Chair experience.  —- Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Founder Dr. Kenneth Cooper Aerobics Center”


“This delivers a deep relaxing sensation that is unmatched. A system that can naturally(without drugs) relax the body and mind so quickly and so efficiently…I have no doubt that it has the ability for helping to achieve maximum performance in all areas of human activity. —- Keri Morales, Spa Director Cooper Spa at Craig Ranch, Founder of The Vital Energy Institute”


“I go every week for a two hour massage, but it does not stick with me like the “So Chair”– Greg Block, CEO American Pacific”


“It normally takes my clients about 20 minutes to begin to let go and be able to receive the full benefits of the massage. With the So Pad this happens within the first 3 to 5 minutes, which enables me to provide a much deeper healing and nurturing experience. —- Shara Thome, CMT & Director of San Gabriel Spa”


Testimonials from The Monroe Institute participants:

“The vibrations emanating from the So Chair were soothing, not jarring or shocking. Throughout the session the resonance helped keep me present and calm yet energized. The vibration had its greatest effect on the soft tissue about 1 inch in, touched the under side of the bones. Fun!!!”

“The sonic massage experience was profound on many levels––particularly the kinesthetic which in turn affected the non-physical, i.e., cognitive-emotional. It felt so healing. I’ve never experienced anything like it and would certainly wish to have another run on the magic chair to be bathed in sound and resonated/played like a musical instrument.”

“Overall a very pleasant, relaxing yet energizing experience. Would be great for healing as well, chakra balancing, etc. Also I had a cold at the time of the sound chair experience and this seemed to stimulate a deeper healing process. It was the first time I could breathe in days. Thanks.”

“I found the SO Sound chair to be bliss inducing. It was a wonderful experience to feel music all through me and to follow my inner guidance in the process really enhanced what I was feeling. At one point, fairly early on, I felt guided to move to state an intention for this experience. As I did this, the music corresponded giving me a sense of a lift. I kept getting the feeling that this chair could be useful for healing somehow. It was a truly wonderful experience.”

“After a week, and at the end of the Gateway experience, sitting on the sound chair is just the next perfect place to be. I was able to “see” sound. Waves of beautiful colors while gently being massaged is really a magnificent place to be.”

“My experience was rather phenomenal. The imagery that emerged was one of healing, with divine energy repeatedly traveling through my body, and musical massages directed to my bones visiting all the major bones. The experience, in total, was one of love, play, oneness, infinity, and healing. Many thanks!”

“I had a wonderful time in this instrument. First of all, the position of the chair while in that angled position, gives a feeling of floating right at the minute. It is really easy to breathe in that way. The rsonance was like I am like a sponge and absorbing every single wave of the sound. And later: I had a sensation that I am only a translucent net of molecules and waves are just passing through me. It was like a message from the universe that I am only “void”, and the human experience is only another energy level. It is a wonderful feeling to sit in that chair. Thank you for the opportunity, I am grateful for this experience.”

“Went from a very pleasant full sound experience, building to becoming one with the music. No longer were my ears an isolated listening instrument, my entire being became the waves of sound. Thanks.”