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Sample Treatment Menus

So Sound® Treatment Menu Ideas:

Accept an invitation for a 20- minute sound vacation:  Quickly and easily transition your mind and body from its automatic stress response, mental chatter, and all the noise of the outside world toward its natural relaxation response that enabling you to become more fully present, peaceful and response-able to receive the most from your spa treatment, fitness class, day of play, an important meeting, or an evening of romance!

Full-Body Meditation 101:  There are many people that believe that they cannot meditate.  We are so trained to be multi-tasking individuals that sometimes it is very difficult to stop and simply focus in the moment.  This treatment is designed to immerse your body/mind in a musical journey that will enable you to achieve states of consciousness that even Chinese & Tibetan masters have endorsed as “highly efficient.”

Bathe yourself with a Musical Massage:  This is a self-service 40-minute treatment that uses the wonderful,natural, full harmonic healing resonance of music to relax your muscles, ligaments, tendons and tired mind and body while strengthening your bones, as well as your mental and emotional bodies for ultimate performance.

Achieving the Mental Edge: Take some time to cultivate a sound and healthy mind! Many of us think if we take time out to relax we will lose our “mental edge,” when actually the exact opposite is true.  Often we just need a little time out from our mental and emotional chatter to stimulate new ideas and solutions to our daily problems.  Bathing your mind and body in the dynamic harmonies of music provides a wonderful venue to help meet us where we are, while gently and effortlessly guiding us to where we need to go with ease and grace.

The Stress Buster:  If you stop and think about it, the human mind and body is an amazingly adaptive instrument. As we walk around in noisy environments, breathing polluted air, fighting traffic, multi-tasking, and so on, our mind and body have a way of naturally building up the adrenaline and armor to persevere. Stress is our emotional, physical, and psychological reaction to change. Stress is an essential part of life.  Whether your stressful experience is a result of major life changes, or the accumulative effects of minor everyday events, it is how you perceive and react to a stressful experience that can create a negative result.  The challenge is that when we spend so much time in an anxious and reactive state, our mind and body more or less forget how to relax.  It forgets how to listen and receive. This 60-minute treatment is designed to help you stimulate your body’s natural relaxation response, thus allowing you to let go of those things that no longer serve you and receive the subtle vibrations that remind  it of its natural ability to heal and restore harmony.

Laughing Bone Therapy:  Did you know that one good belly laugh provides your body with the same cardiovascular benefits as a 10-minute walk on the treadmill?   NASA Research also shares that 10 minutes on a vibrating platform can mitigate bone loss.  This 20, 30, or 40 minute treatment is designed to musically massage  your body on a deep cellular level to support healthy and happy bones with a more resourceful being-ness.

Tactile Immersion for Enhanced Creativity: Think for a moment about how hearing a certain song can instantly remind you of a specific time and place. Now notice what you visualize; where are you?  Music has a way to taking us to a timeless and space-less zone of creativity.  This 20-minute treatment is designed to move you through various tactile, immersive, musical journeys to help you stimulate your imagination and creative spirit.

Cellular Rejuvenation: While our physical body feels and appears dense, it is actually a comprehensive web of energy fields, subtle vibrations, or dimensions of light and sound. These fields are connected via the physical cellular structure, like a web or complex network of energy threads.  Therefore, as multidimensional beings comprised of a network of energy, it is understandable how varying vibrations flow through us and influence our behavior, physical structure, and appearance.  This treatment is designed to bathe you in specially orchestrated musical compositions that promote cellular health and harmony.

Emotional Sound Rescue: Music has a way of shifting our moods and emotional states quickly and easily.   Emotional states are often held in our muscles and organs, as recognized in Eastern practices like acupuncture. This Acoustic Resonance Therapy program promotes a whole body awareness that enables us to honor the fullness of our feelings and stored emotional patterns (body armor) while supporting us to move forward toward inner balance, wellness, and peace.

Response-Able Body/Mind Development:  Research shows that one negative thought or feeling immediately effects our immune system as well as our DNA.  It is easy then to understand how years of held angry thoughts, limiting beliefs, repressed emotions or unreleased trauma not only from our life experience up to now, but also those of our parents and ancestors may be effecting our health and happiness. The mind and body over time becomes armored with cellular memory reactions and neurological programs causing restrictive awareness, muscular tension, chronic pain, and “dis-ease.”  Music has long been known to enhance the immune system and trigger those parts of the brain as well as the mind and body that respond to pleasure.  This 60-minute program is designed to bathe you in the full harmonic frequencies of specially orchestrated music, bringing you back into sympathetic resonance with your divine,resourceful nature with unlimited possibilities. This treatment has the most impact if repeated weekly for at least a six week period.

Inner Peace = Outer Beauty:  What does it mean to be beautiful?  Many of us associate beauty with being a certain weight, having a certain shape, having less wrinkles and\ any number of other physical attributes.  However, we have all perhaps experienced a “physically perfect,” person that is less than beautiful.  On the contrast, we have all experienced a man or woman with less than “perfect parts,” that simply resonates a beauty beyond words.  Why is that?  This is a complex topic that does have a lot to do with the “eye of the beholder.”  However, by taking some time to relax and enjoy the simple resonance of music, we promote an inner sense of peace, light and glow that truly shifts the way we look and feel about ourselves from the inside out.

A Song A Day, Keeps the Doctor Away: Wellness is much more than getting enough exercise and proper nutrition. It is an experience of vitality that comes from our dynamic interactions with the world within and around us.  We are all aware that we have energy fields around us, like when we sense someone coming up from behind, or feel a change in the room when someone enters. The etheric body is the energy growth template for the physical body.  Energetic changes occur at the etheric level before manifesting in the physical form. In order for incoming energies to properly integrate into the physical cellular matrix, they pass through vortexes or chakras. The chakras process vibrational energy of specific frequencies and translate the effects of these higher vibrational inputs into biological manifestations via the endocrine system.  The endocrine glands are part of a powerful master control system that effects the physiology of the body from the cellular level on up to functioning of the central nervous system.

By taking 20-30 minutes a day to immerse our mind and body in the high vibrational, full harmonic frequencies of music, we naturally tune ourselves into a higher state of resonance, strengthening our immune system, and thus allowing us to feel more vibrant and able to respond more resourcefully in our daily life.

Visceral Bliss: Allow yourself the lay back and enjoy the gentle inner caress of the music. From the base tones resonating through the lower part of your body, to the harp tones resonating through your neck, shoulders and crown,every cell will feel blissfully loved and nurtured. This 20 or 40-minute treatment is a wonderful preparation for an evening of love making, or just fully relaxing!

Whole Body Harmonizer:  Similar to a computer system, our body has an underlying operating system and data storage banks often referred to as “chakras,” and “meridians.”  We have learned the importance of performing regular data reorganizations, updates and protections to maintain a “healthy operating system,” for the ultimate computer performance.  As “human operating systems,” we also need regular data reorganizations to maintain a “healthy system state” for optimal performance.

The Chakras help to regulate the flow of vital energy into different organs of the body. Proper functioning of each of the major chakras is critical to the balance and cellular health of each organ system. With proper functioning, they help to establish strength and balance in each particular physiological system. Abnormal chakra function can create weakness in an area of the body.  This 60-minute Acoustic Resonance Therapy experience is specially designed to stimulate the resonate frequencies of each of the major chakras, thus bringing the mind and body into a more balanced state of health and Whole Body Harmony.

Developing Sound Intuition:  According to a recent article published in Psychology today…. “Intuition is like a very old whore who is now being revitalized and rejuvenated and who is on her way to becoming a very respectable lady.She is, in fact, the archetypal jewel in the crown of human intelligence.  The old whore previously inhabited the red light district at the intersection of Psychics Lane and the mystic Lunatic Fringe Boulevard. Today the lady is being courted by reputable scientists, major corporations, and of course, by all the arts.”  Others define intuition as “a hunch, gut feeling or answer that came in a flash”.  Regardless of how we define it, we all have it.  How tuned in we are to it can have a tremendous impact on our life experiences. This 60-minute tactile immersive mystical journey is designed to help awaken the wise sleeping giant inside of you, while clearing away the mental and emotional chatter or “inner-fear-ances,” to clear knowing.

Full Body Tickle Therapy:  We all have memories of being “tickled pink”.  If you think about it, a little tickle is a powerful attention getter.  We naturally bring our full awareness to the area being tickled.  This treatment is designed to tactilely immerse you in specially orchestrated musical compositions that will randomly tickle you from inside out, thus providing you with a deeper awareness and appreciation of all the areas of the mind and body and transforming patterns of pain or “dis-ease,” toward inner bliss, balance, and joy.