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Sample ROI’s

In today’s fast-paced, stress-filled, and dramatically changing world, we have more or less forgotten how to relax and restore our natural state of  harmony, health and well-being.  So Sound® Solutions is passionate about helping spas, clinics and therapists co-create sound health and wellness environments that ‘re-mind’ us how to relax and restore mind, body and spiritual harmony while  supporting a profound Whole Body Listening™ experience that is beyond words.  Environments that enable us to ‘tune-in’ to higher octaves of creativity, pure potentiality; thus providing practical resolutions to our everyday problems.

The So Sound® Lounge delivers state the A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Technology) self-service stress management  and/or mindfulness based stress reduction and performance enhancement programs that can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as an enhancement to other spa treatments for a uniquely profound mind and body relaxation experience.

Sample Installations and ROI’s:

One So Sound® Lounger in a Spa Relaxation Room, Treatment waiting area, or in a So Sound® Harmony Room:

  • Conservatively estimating as little as 1 session per day at the low cost of $30 for 30 minutes or $50 for an hour, averaging $40/Session, six days per week = $240/week or $960/month.  This yields a 100% of return on investment within less than 8 months.
  • Estimating an average of 3- 40 minute sessions per day/ six days per week, yields 100% ROI within 3 to 4 months.
  • Estimating an average of 4 one hour sessions per day/six days per week, yields 100% ROI within less than 2 months.

ROI on a per square foot basis:

  • Place Three So Sound® Loungers  in a Spa area specifically designed as a self-service So Sound® Healing Sanctuary with a waterfall in front of them or between them. This requires less square footage than is normally allotted for two treatment rooms with more than double the ROI.
  • If you were to offer $30 and $50 treatments, you would average $75/hour without the additional overhead of a therapist. Compare this, for example, to a $90/massage room and the return is over 1.5 times the average return on a treatment room on a per square foot basis.

Other Revenue opportunities:  Retrofit your existing tables for $1222 and offer 10, 20 or 40-minute So Sound® A.R.T. sessions as an add-on to other treatment for $10, $20, $30.