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Affiliate Program

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Let us uplift you, your clients/guests/patients and your bottom line,  by becoming an affiliate partner:

  • Increase your profitability & your personal & professional impact!
  • Differentiate yourself & your practice, cost efficiently & effectively!
  • Manage stress (yours, your staff’s and your clients) with a WOW experience that is beyond words!
  • Enhance your clients health, wellness and overall life experience!

We know how difficult it can be as a healing artist, coach, trainer, or therapist to:

  • Differentiate, market and promote yourself.
  • Support clients in transitioning quickly from a stress response into a more relaxed state in order to receive the most benefit from your work and time with them.
  • Manage situations where one client requires a little extra time, while another is waiting perhaps not so patiently.
  • Quickly transition and/or recover from client situations that energetically drained you, perhaps triggered you.
  • Work with clients when they are over-stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, and stuck in old patterns of fear and limitation.

So please allow us to support you, your clients and your revenue earning potential by becoming a So Sound Affiliate Partner.

Science now proves that 85-90% of all diseases are stress related. It is the daily accumulation of stress that inhibits health, productivity, creativity, mental and emotional clarity, flexibility, and a sense of well -being. Let’s face it, while most of us do not go into the healing arts or teaching professions for the money; we all need money to not only survive, but truly thrive. By offering a self-service stress management program, you can expand your ability to touch the lives of many through your practice. A So Sound® Harmony room provides a safe and comfortable place for your clients to enjoy some much needed ” unwinding time,” before, after, or in conjunction with other treatments you offer.

So Sound® Solutions provides state of the A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Technology) integrative sound health and wellness program opportunities. Our new, financially rewarding affiliate program aligns with supporting spas, clinics, healing artists, schools, professionals, teachers, coaches, trainers and therapists. Our products allow users to differentiate themselves while  leveraging their time and knowledge as trusted advisers to their clients. This enhances their professional impact on their clients overall integrative health and wellness experience.

We are passionate about working with high integrity practitioners and dedicated spas, clinics, healing arts schools and professionals.  Supporters of our products and programs appreciate the added value A.R.T. can bring to their practice, and to the lives of their clients. In essence, they are aligned with our mission to co-create an integrative health and wellness community.

Imagine providing a unique self-service, sound healing environment that truly reminds your clients of their natural state of balance or harmony on a cellular level. This “wow,” mind and body experience provides the ultimate in stress management. Clients quickly and easily transition physically, mentally, and emotionally from their daily stress-filled reality, to a more relaxed, aware, present, open and receptive reality. Inevitably, their ability to  receive the most benefit from their time with you is enhanced.

A So Sound® Harmony room is specifically designed to help spas, clinics, health practitioners and their clients resonate with higher vibrations of inner peace, health and harmony naturally. This supports the ability to be more present to the pure potential of their life!

Join the affiliate program now and start enhancing your client base. CLICK HERE to apply now.

What is an Affiliate  Partner Program?

An affiliate partner program is a referral program based on a strategic partnership between “an adviser” and a company. It’s a win-win-win situation for all: You (the adviser) get a commission, and we (the company) get to connect with a customer who we would not have reached in any other way. The customer enjoys experiencing and learning about state of the A.R.T. sound health and wellness programs that they may not have learned of in any other way. Please note this is not a multilevel marketing (MLM) program.

You can become an affiliate as long as you do not use unethical methods to promote So Sound® Solutions (such as spamming), do not use offensive material to promote So Sound Solutions®, do not use your affiliate links for your own purchases. To become an affiliate, simply CLICK HERE to fill out a short questionnaire to apply.

What Do You Get as our Affiliate?

  • Commissions for all referred sales—for life! In other words, your lead is always your lead, whether they buy immediately or years from now. When that lead turns into a client, you earn money on that sale.
  • Complete real-time reporting and monitoring—you get an email each and every time a lead is generated or a referral is made.
  • Commissions are ongoing, earned each and every month—after the payment from client.
  • Links and banners to help you share the benefits of So Sound® Solutions.
  • We’ll do all the work. You just place a link on your site or in your newsletter, and we handle the tracking, the sale, collecting the funds, delivery, and your commission payments.
  • If you use some of the So Sound® products within your facility and choose to participate in our A.R.T. certification program, we will also be happy to refer clients to you as a certified partner of ours as well.

How It Works

1. As soon as you’re approved, you will be e-mailed instructions with a link that you can use to register.

2. Upon registering, you will have access to the back-end of our affiliate program. Here, you can see all your sales statistics, track commissions, and get free links for ad banners for your emails, website, and blog to link your contacts to our site for sales.

3. When people click on your affiliate link, they will be sent to our website. Our shopping cart tracks visitors and their referral sources and will credit you for every qualified sale and purchase people make from our website.

4. You will be paid  as often as every month. Our shopping cart system does all the work and keeps track of the details. Once you become an affiliate, you can log-in to our affiliate website anytime and check your statistics.

What Will You Be Promoting?

You can earn between 5-10% commission on all products (So Sound® beds, So Sound® loungers, So Sound® treatment tables, So Sound® yoga boards, So Sound® retrofit kits, and So Sounds programs for life.

So Sound® Solutions Affiliate Partner Program offers two types of campaigns:

1) Direct sales: Requires no So Sound® Solutions engagement to close the sale. These sales will result in a 10% commission of the product price.

2) Referral sales: You have referred a customer to So Sound® Solutions to close a sale. These sales will result in a 5% commission of the product price.

You can always be assured that you are referring people to very high quality programs and products for sound living!

Questions or Comments?

If you have questions about becoming an affiliate or if you’re already an affiliate and have questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!  Also if you are interested in writing an article or providing some video content about how So Sound is enhancing your practice and your clients, we would be happy to post it on our site.

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Please review our terms and conditions HERE