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Welcome to So Sound®

A pioneer in the growing fields of sound and music therapy that is making a profound difference in people’s lives through Acoustic Resonance Technology™ (A.R.T.)


So Sound® is balancing Science with the A.R.T. of sound health and well being.

Sleep Environments

Now imagine those waves were the strings of a cello, lulling you into a deep meditation for sound sleeping. In the morning, you will be gently uplifted and awakened with a musical touch

Treatment Table

Enhance every massage, facial, or other spa type experiences with the gentle caress of music rippling through and relaxing both the body and mind.

Yoga Board

Bring an entirely new dimension of awareness to your mindfulness practices as you feel the music you simultaneously hear, literally uplift you physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Retrofit Kits

The So Sound® Retrofit Kit translates music into a deeply soothing, and stress reducing, mind and body musical massage experience like nothing you have ever experienced before. Your clients will enjoy feeling the music they hear, resonating through their entire body/mind; thus allowing them to more fully relax and receive the most benefit from their time with you.


Sounds and Music

While any music can be used within any of the So Sound® products. So Sounds’ music, mind, body, spiritually uplifting meditations, and integrative health & wellness programs have been specially mixed and mastered to highlight and enhance the So Sound® A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Technology) experience.

These specially recorded music, mind/body meditations, and health & wellness programs utilize specific frequencies that have been found to support specific bio-energetic goals and healing properties; thus providing a comprehensive stress management and sensory rich integration environment like nothing you have ever experienced before.